Lovely Lutino Cockatiel Looking For Forever Home

Nuneaton, Warwickshire


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Age:2 Years 4 Months 2 Days

Pet Breed: Cockatiels

Microchipped: nul

Vaccinations: nul

Neutered: nul

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Pet Description

Hi, Thanks for looking at my add :) I am based in Market Bosworth, on the Warwickshire/Leicestershire border. I have available a lovely healthy Lutino cockatiel for sale, called Rudie. She is from a clean and tidy loving home, full of children and other pets. She gets plenty of free fly time during the day and will take herself back into her cage in the early evening. With plenty of attention and one to one contact (and kept on her own possibly), I think Rudie would get used to her new owner very quickly... See this video of Rudie and Wilson in action on my YouTube video here **Warning - The Content You\'re About to See Is Extremely Cute!!!** hehe... (rudie is the bird sat on my shoulder behind Wilson, the tiel in front). Rudie is not tame yet, she hasn\'t been here long but it wont take long (as you can tell from the video... millet is the way forward lol!!). Honestly, I am not 100% sure of Rudies sex. I think she is a girl as she is quiet, has yellow bars on her tail feathers and less of a yellow face mask than her friend Wilson (who is 100% a boy). However, I am not going to say she definitely is a girl because I have a feeling that she may be too young to sex at the moment. When I originally bought her, the breeder claimed she was 1.5yrs old but now I realise he didn\'t have a clue (he had so many birds!) haha. I think she is much younger than the breeder claimed. The reason for wanting a new loving home for her is that she was bought to be a companion for my other lutino Wilson, but honestly, they are just not hitting it off for some reason (may be because she is so young and he\'s an older bird). She may as well be invisible to him, poor girl lol. You will need to bring your own box or pet carrier to transport Rudie home in. You can change her name if you like as we have only had her for a couple of months, so she doesnt respond to her name yet. I will reiterate... it is very hard to sex Lutino cockatiels (esp as i suspect she is very young!) so if you have a specific gender that you need I am afraid I can not guarantee it. If you keep her as a pet though, her gender will become clear by her behaviour... (e.g. a quiet bird, no heart wings, laying of eggs is possible when shes older). She\'s displaying all these signs now (apart from egg laying) but this might be due to wilson being such a loud character LOL! I\'d say I was 70% sure she is a girl. Rudie does not come with a cage, however, I can recommend a brilliant very large brand new cage from amazon for a mere 50 (including free and fast delivery!). Just bought this for two other tiels and i love it, excellent value for money! link... If you have any questions about Rudie please feel free to ask, I will try my best to help answer any questions. If you have never had a cockatiel/parakeet before please think about if they are the right pet for you. Boys can be very loud, as they sing beautiful songs during day light hours (females are much quieter!), Tiels crave attention from you and need a varied diet of specially mixed cockatiel food, fresh veg, eggs, a bit of wholemeal bread or pasta here and there. They are low maintenance tbh, esp compared with dogs, cats, rabbits etc so they are ideal for full time workers, those who have mobility problems, those who are retired can get great pleasure from the company of a birdie. Also, older children can spend hours taming and teaching new tricks to these very inteligent little babies. Thank you so much for looking and good luck in your search for a new birdie or pet xxxx

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