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Life span

14 Years


6.8 Kg


Hybrid Dogs

Malshi Overview

This dog breed is a cross between the Maltese and the Shih Tzu. Both breeds are relatively low shedding so this breed falls under the hypoallergenic dog breeds and thus an excellent choice for those that suffer with allergens. They're an affectionate dog breed, that remain very loyal to their family pack. They have a very happy, sweet nature and love the company of those that like a good snuggle. This dog breed is a fan of the outdoors and can walk very far. So, if you're an active family looking for an active dog that loves to chill. Then the Malshi is the perfect companion for you.

This dog breed comes in a variety of colours, everything from: White and tan, black, brown, black and white and brown and white. The measure in height 25 - 51 cm for Males and 35 - 51cm for Females. Weight ranges between 2.3 - 6.8 kg for Males and the same for Females.

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Malshi Characteristics

Size InformationIntelligence
  • 3
Size InformationExercise Needs
  • 3
Size InformationDogs Health
  • 2
Size InformationChild Friendly
  • 3
Size InformationApartment
  • 4
Size InformationShedding
  • 1
Size InformationGrooming Needs
  • 2
Size InformationBarking
  • 3
Size InformationAlone
  • 3
Size InformationTrainability
  • 4
Size InformationEnergy Levels
  • 3
Size InformationDog friendly
  • 3

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