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Thank you for visiting Mypetzilla, the UK’s fastest growing pet classified website. Mypetzilla is a completely FREE service for breeders, charities, and rescue centres to advertise their pets online, free of charge.

Who are Mypetzilla

Mypetzilla is privately owned and devoted to providing excellent service to all it's users. We are passionate about pets of all kinds and we want you, the user, to make sure you get the best service possible. Our mission is to establish ourselves as the most trusted UK social network for Pet Classifieds for new and existing users within the pet advertising arena.

Is Mypetzilla free?

Yes we are a free pet classifieds website - no payment is required for any level of membership.

When will my pet advert be approved

All submitted adverts are approved within 24 hours, our admin team carefully reviews every submitted advert to make sure fraudulent adverts are eliminated. Breeders which are recognised as puppy farmers will be reported to the authorities. 

We have also created a list of standards which we follow, if these standards are not met we will not approve your submitted advert

We care about animal welfare and puppy farming

Yes we take animal welfare very seriously, Mypetzilla prides itself on preventing puppy farmers from using our site by carefully monitoring and screening the number of adverts we allow each advertiser to place. We have a team dedicated to reviewing and approving each submission. Mypetzilla is the go-to website for pet breeders, pet owners and rescue centres, to make sure your pets find a new loving home as quick as possible. Being pet owners ourselves we make sure we do our very best to stop irresponsible people from taking advantage of our free platform.

We care about animal welfare very much and we make sure to meet the minimum standards set by PAAG.

How to get started

If you are new to Mypetzilla don't worry it's all quite simple. Whether you're a breeder, or simply just looking to sell new born puppies or kittens, you can easily create a new account within minutes and have your advert active within a couple of hours.


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything else about our services please do get in touch by dropping us an email, or simply filling out the contact us form.

We would like to thank you for visiting Mypetzilla.

Happy browsing!

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