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Life span

15 Years


32 Kg


Hybrid Dogs

Lurcher Overview

This dog breed is a cross between the Sheepdog crossed with the Greyhound or Terrier, Collie. They're a hunting dog breed but also considered as a suitable family pet. They're very affectionate and require a loving home environment in which they can excel and feel safe. They've very playful by nature and love to socialise.

The Lurcher is good with children of all ages and has the correct temperament to play endless hours of games with young children. They're also very low maintenance when it comes to grooming.

The typical height of a Male Lurcher is 55 - 71 cm and the same for Females. Weight averages 27 - 32 kg for Males and the same for Females.

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Lurcher Characteristics

Size InformationIntelligence
  • 5
Size InformationExercise Needs
  • 5
Size InformationDogs Health
  • 4
Size InformationChild Friendly
  • 3
Size InformationApartment
  • 2
Size InformationShedding
  • 3
Size InformationGrooming Needs
  • 2
Size InformationBarking
  • 2
Size InformationAlone
  • 3
Size InformationTrainability
  • 5
Size InformationEnergy Levels
  • 5
Size InformationDog friendly
  • 3

History & Origin

Many centuries ago the Lurcher dog breed was associated with poachers and Gipsies in England. This dog breed back in the day was used to hunt because of their agility, speed, intelligence and excellent eyesight.  

Lurcher Temperament

The Lurchers temperament can vary and this largely depends on the breeding process and breeding parents used. This dog breed, however, does have a few traits that are standard. The Lurcher has a strong prey drive and can usually run very fast. This dog breed is fast on their paws and often give off short spurts of energy which can see them run very fast if in outdoor space. Whilst at home, the Lurcher loves nothing more than to relax and can be quite lazy.

The Lurcher is calm, kind and very affectionate and makes a great addition to any household.

Lurcher Training

The Lurcher is an intelligent dog breed that requires training from a young age. Teaching your lurcher should begin the day they arrive in their new home. Generally, the Lurcher responds well to training and especially well to obedience training. This dog breed excels at all dog sports such as obedience trials, dog racing and lure coursing. 

As with all dog breeds, the Lurcher needs to be mentally stimulated to prevent boredom and bad behaviour.


Lurchers require very little grooming, although this does depend on the breeds used during the breeding process. Generally, the Lurcher requires a weekly brush.


The Lurcher is predisposed to a few health issues like many other dog breeds. Predisposed genetic testing can be done during the breeding process and all buyers looking to own a Lurcher should check with a reputable breeder. 

The main health conditions are:
  • Torn toenails
  • Foot muscle injuries
  • Gastric torsion
  • Cancer: Osteosarcoma
  • Eye problems

Lurcher Exercise Needs

The Lurcher needs at least two walks a day. They need time outdoors to stretch their legs and for a quick run around to stay happy and healthy. If given the correct levels of daily exercise, they will most likely want a lie down when they get home and will spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Children and other pets

The Lurcher is generally very friendly with other pets provided they are socialised correctly and from an early age. This dog breed can share its home with cats when they're both introduced early and supervised correctly.

This dog breed makes an excellent choice for a family dog as they're very calm and kind. They love to play games with children and can play for hours with their favourite ball.