English Bull Terrier

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Life span

14 Years


29 Kg

Breed Group

Terrier Dogs

English Bull Terrier Characteristics

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Exercise Needs
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Dogs Health
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Child Friendly
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Grooming Needs
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Energy Levels
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Dog friendly
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English Bull Terrier Overview

This dog breed belongs to the terrier dog breed group. Their looks are often deceiving as the English Bull Terrier is a sweet natured dog with a wonderful temperament. They're eager to please and keen to learn new tricks. You can lots of fun with the Bull Terrier as they're very active and playtime is their favourite hobby. The English Bull Terrier is very protective of their family and loyal to their owner.

The Bull Terrier colour comes in either brindle and white, tri-colour, white, red and white, fawn and white and brindle. The Bull Terrier weighs between 22-38kg and height between 45-55cm.

English Bull Terrier Photos

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