Kc Proven Handsom Boy Pra . 6 Dna Tests Clear

Mansfield, Nottinghamshire


Pet Information

Advert: For Stud

Age:2 Years 10 Months 13 Days

Pet Breed: Miniature Poodle

Size: Small Dog Breeds

Vaccinations: No

KC Registered: Yes

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Pet Description

Oliver just recently sired 12 beautiful and healthy puppies. My handsome and loving boy is deep red miniature poodle. He is well proven and knows his job. He holds certificate for 7 health tests. 1. prcd . PRA clear. 2. DM .Degenerative Myelopathy. clear. 3. NEwS .Neonatal Encephalopathy Seizure. clear. 4. vWD1. Typel Von Willebrand Type 1. clear. 5. Macrothrombocytopenia clear. 6. OC . Osteochondrodysplasia. Clear. 7. MPS VI Clear. Oliver is very happy and loving boy. He loves attention and is very keen with the girls. He is a fantastic companion with wonderful temperament. He is experienced but still very gentle and always take his time to make friends first which is very important especially with the girls which become mum for the first time. The price is for 2 supervised matings a day or two apart. If a third mating is required this is an extra 50. After first successful mating or Insemination and the payment you will receive Oliver...s KC copy and all the certificatsc of the DNA tests. In the unlikely event of no pregnancy we offer mating in the next season free of charge. Please note . for Minature Poodle girls the stud fee is 350. Last minute notice welcome as well as planing in advance. We are very flexible. acomodating and open to all breeds. We can do artificial insemination and insure your girl to be comfortable at all the time. Our priiority is comfort for both dogs. If you come to us we will tak you through the proces of maiting. what happen after and during pregnancy as well as during and after birth if you wish so. Oliver is open to all breeds. His puppies been sold now for 1950. Artificial Insemination available. Please feel free to contact us and check our FB page for feedback. Devine Dods.

Buying Advice

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