HIGH & STRONG QUALITY Baby Budgies [£20/£25 EACH] For Sale + Cages From £20

Catford, London


Pet Information

Advertiser Type: Standard

Advert: For Sale

Age: 38 Wks 3 Days

Pet Breed: Budgerigars

Ad Expired/Closed

Pet Description

Aged from 2 Months Old.
Males & Females.
£20/£25 EACH.
Easy To Tame & Will Start Talking Soon.

The Variety of Colours Are :
-Green Budgie and Yellow Face [£20 EACH].
-Blue Budgie and White Face [£25 EACH].
-Blue Recessive Pied Budgie [£25 EACH].
-Creamino Budgie [£25 EACH].
-Albino Budgie [£25 EACH].
-Yellow(Lutino) Budgie [£25 EACH].

[I Have Also Got Cages From £20, Be Sure To Check Out My Other Adverts].
[I Have Also Got Budgie Food From £5 A Bag - 10 BAGS AVAILABLE].
[I Have Also Got Millet Spray From £5 A Bag].
[I Have Also Got Budgies Vitamins From £5 A Bottle].

Call/Message/Email/WhatsApp Me If Interested on 07981276898.

Important Buying Advice

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Pet Advertisers Advisory Group (PAAG)

Mypetzilla strongly advises all new potential pet owners to visit the PAAG's website for further information and advice on buying a bird. Please make sure to visit their how to buy a bird section. 

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