Appaloosa Mare For Rehoming 15'2"


Wigan, Greater Manchester

Pet Description

had her all her life shes never had any illnesses or lame days , very low milage has been a pet /hack horse had one foal 7 years ago , im looking for permanent home this mare has alot of life in her still i want her to be pampered and ridden out on hacks to graze in the fields in summer to be stabled in the winter and some grazing im looking for someone mature with older / grown up children as i dont want to be looking for another home in 12 months time
this girl is calm sound 100% in every way can be a little bit awkward when loading but does load and travells well
shes been on loan for 2 years as my sister died and i took the children in and have became a full time carer for her disabled son so i no longer have the time or energy to give to coral
i want to know were shes going and i will require regular messages to update me on her, shes yours forever!! but not to be passed on she is still my responsibility had her since she was 6 months old
i see this mare with a woman/man mature with time and funds to give this girl a real partnership she will reward you 10 fold
if interested please get in touch
she comes with a bridle and rugs

Advert Type:For Adoption
Age:23 years, 9 months old
Pet Breed:Appaloosa
Pet tags:Appaloosa for adoption, horses for adoption, pets for adoption

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