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Mypetzilla cares about all types of animals and we want to make sure that we provide all of our users with up-to-date pet advice. Whether you're looking for pets for sale or information on a specific breed, hints, tips on grooming or advice on training your pet, we have it all covered.

We love pets of all kinds and we want to ensure our users have access to the latest advice to help your pet stay healthy and safe.

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Learn about dog breeds with our breed selector

Owning a dog can bring so much happiness and fulfilment to you and your family life. Whether you've previously owned a pet, or you're now considering a new addition to the family; we have created a full description of each and every UK registered dog breed, to help you choose the most suitable companion.

Within the dog breed selector you will find the most up-to-date information, everything from general exercise, grooming, temprement, training, personality traits and much more.

We are dedicated in helping you with your search, please also make sure to visit the dogs for sale section.

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Border Terrier Link

Well natured, active and smart. They easily adapt to family lifestyle

Border Terrier

Affectionate / Alert / Energetic

Golden Retriever Link

Handsome, affectionate and playful. They are one of the most popular family dogs

Golden Retriever

Affectionate / Intelligent / Friendly

Mypetzilla is the UK's leading Pets Classified platform; offering a completely free service for all of our users. We give you, the user, an opportunity to advertise and sell your pets in the UK - free of charge. We are passionate about animals of all kinds and want to provide all of our users with the best service possible.

You can browse our site for pets for sale UK, pets for adoption, pets for stud and wanted pets. Here at Mypetzilla we work very hard to provide all of our users with a fountain of knowledge regarding the pet industry.

If you are a charity, shelter home, or a breeder who is looking to sell, or place your pet up for adoption; then why not join us today and place your advert for free.

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Are you considering buying a family puppy, dog, cat or any other pet to bring home?

Like many, we automatically start our search, looking for a pet for sale from a reputable breeder. However, before you go any further, we at Mypetzilla strongly recommend our users to consider the wonderfull benefits of adopting or rehoming a pet from a rescue centre.

People need to be aware that there are millions of vulnerable pets neglected, abused and abandoned everyday. Domestic pets undergo huge amounts stress to survive without human love, food or water.

Giving a rescue pet a new home will require some extra effort, attention and patience. However, the joy and fulfilment recived from saving a pet in need is priceless. So why not start by visiting our pet adoption section of our website.

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