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8 August 2017 | Dog Advice

5 Large Dog Breeds

If you're looking for a dog for adoption or dog for sale then you might want to consider a large dog breed. Large dog breeds are exceptionally good with families and the largest dog breeds are very gentle. Large dog breeds are great for active families as they love to go on long walks, hikes, and runs. Unlike small dog breeds, large dog breeds will want to run with you and be in the outdoors for most of the day. Whereas small dog breeds often get tired quicker and are more prone to yapping when they've had enough. 

However, with large dog breeds, there are some health concerns that new owners need to be aware of before choosing a dog of a larger size. Dogs of a larger size generally weigh around 60-120 pounds and do require enough space to walk and move around in, so a small house wouldn't be sufficient.

Large dog breeds require far more exercise than small and medium sized dog breeds and if they don't get enough they may become destructive with their behaviour and suffer from depression. Generally, large dog breeds suit individuals and families that love the outdoors and have lots of free-roaming space in their homes.

Large dog breeds are predisposed to some unique health issues and potential owners need to be fully aware and emotionally ready. Large dog breeds are known to suffer from joint problems including hip and elbow dysplasia and arthritis. Unfortunately, these degenerative health conditions cannot be prevented and will get worst as the dog ages. The costs for up keeping these health conditions can cost a small fortune, so potential owners need to have adequate insurance and be financially ready.

Obesity is another health related issue that large dog breeds are prone to. Obesity can happen with all dog breeds, but you must pay special attention to their diet. Being overweight will cause extra stress on their joints and may lead to cardiovascular and heart issues. 

Large dog breeds make wonderful additions to many homes. Providing the owner is fully prepared to cater to the exact needs of a large dog breed then the rewards are endless. To help you with your search for a large dog breed, listed below are the top 5 large dog breeds.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog breed and is often used as a working dog. Their devotion and courage are unique and most other dog breeds are unable to match. They're unbelievably versatile and excel at most things they are tasked to do.

Their personality is often aloof but never really aggressive. They're a reserved breed and struggle to make friends as easy as other dog breeds. They're very loyal to their family and are very friendly. They make excellent watchdogs are they're very protective over their loved ones.

German Shepherds are normally very healthy, but like other dog breeds, they are prone to certain health issues.

The length of their coat varies, some have a medium sized coat and others long-haired. Their outer coat is often dense with mostly long straight hair, but can sometimes be wiry and wavy.


This dog breed is the only dog breed that was specifically bred to be spotted. The normally stand between 19 and 23 inches tall and weigh on average 55-70 pounds. Their coats are short and have velvet feel to it. The base colour of their coat is white with very distinctive black spots. When puppies are born they're usually born white and then as they grow they develop black spots. Dalmatians can also be tri coloured. This is when they have tan markings on their head, leg, tails, and chest.

Dalmatians should be around 19 and 23 inches at the withers. Other dog breeds that are taller or shorter than this are disqualified. The Dalmatians length chest to buttocks should generally match their height. Males normally weigh between 55 and 70 pounds, while females average 40 to 55 pounds.


This dog breed was originally bred to be a hunting dog to chase deer, foxes, and hare. This dog breed can reach to an impressive speed of 40-45 miles per hour! This canine has earned the reputation of being a racing dog because of the agility and speed. More beyond their speed and grace, they are also known for their sweet nature and loving ways.

The Greyhound breed has high energy levels. They're designed to be sprinters but are equally satisfied with a daily walk. Owners looking for a running partner often look into this breed as their favorite choice. This dog breed loves to chase animals so it is important that you have a secure fence in your garden to prevent them from running off and chasing the next-door neighbours cat.

They're a sleek and athletic dog and normally stand a height of 25-29 inches tall and weigh around 50 to 65 pounds (female) and 65-85 pounds (male).

This breed of dog is a wonderful dog breed and they love to receive and show affection. You should expect lots of love from a Greyhound.


The Poodle is known to be elegant and clever. They're an impressive dog breed that is often seen in dog shows, with their impressive hairdos and impeccable manners. They're an affectionate dog breed with many talents.

The Poodle comes in three different sizes, ranging from Toy, Miniature, and Standard. The standard size poodle measures 15 inches tall and weighs between 45-60 pounds/  Regardless of their size they're very playful and love sports and obedience games. This dog breed often portrays very regal attitude, but don't be fooled, as they're not snobby by nature. The Poodle loves a good play and likes to get dirty.

The Poodle is generally healthy, but like all dog breeds, they are prone to certain health issues. It is important to fully research your dog breed of choice so you're aware of any potential health conditions and if they're suitable for your family needs.

English Setter

This dog breed is known for its agility, athletic ability, and intelligence. They're best known for their sweet behaviour and gentle ways.

The English Setter stands around 24-25 inches tall and weighs anything from 45-80 pounds. They have a soft coat that is very easy to care for. It is important that their ears are cleaned regularly and checked for any signs of ear infections. They require regular grooming of their coat. 

This dog breed is one of the oldest dog breeds as they originally came from England in the 1600's as an elite hunting and birding dog.

This dog breed requires lots of exercise for their healthy development. They're not really suited to living in a small apartment as they require plenty of space to roam and a garden to play in. If you're looking for an active dog to join you on long walks and sporting exercise, then the English Setter is the perfect Dog breed choice.

A gentle hand is required when training your Setter as they can be rather stubborn at times. They're a sensitive breed and will not forget if they've been treated badly. So you must keep on top of their training to prevent any bad habits from setting in.


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