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28 July 2017 | Dog Advice

Top 5 Toy Dog Breeds

Toy dog breeds are notoriously known for their small bodies, expressive faces and big eyes that are truly hard to resist. They serve a great purpose to all families and they do this rather well; to provide endless love, smiles, and happiness.

You shouldn't let their size fool you. Toy dog breeds can definitely give large dog breeds a run for their money. This type of dog breed is suitable for those that live in apartments or relatively small accommodation. They love to explore the outdoors but are equally as happy relaxing in doors and receiving lots of cuddles.

They're also known as lap dogs, as they like to spend most of their time on their owner's lap. A toy dog breed is never too far from its owner as they grow a very strong bond with their loved ones.

Toy dog breeds are notoriously hard to train, though the often bad behaviour is mostly associated with the owner rather than the dog. It's often very hard to resist their small little faces and unusually large ears. With correct training, you can prevent your toy dog from nipping, yapping and other behavioural traits that are common among smaller dog breeds. Sadly, toy breeds are often fearful of a lot of things, that's because their owners protect them from everything, as they're prone to more injuries because of their size. Owners of toy breeds should let their four-legged friends explore the world and play with other animals and people.

Toy dog breed makes an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. They're easier to handle despite their huge personalities. They're also great companions for the elderly and singletons as they love to show love to their life-long friend.

Listed below are the top five toy dog breeds:


The Chihuahua is a dog breed of very small size and one of the most popular toy dog breeds of all. Originally known as the Mexican Dwarf Dog, the Chihuahua has a terrier-like temperament and bold attitude towards life. Their bark is rather loud for such a small dog and they have lots of character. They're highly intelligent and very athletic and famous for the size and stature. If not properly socialised from a young age they are prone to naughty behaviour such as nipping, snapping and barking at other dogs and children.

Their rather delicate bone structure makes them more prone to accidents than other dog breeds, so it's important that they are not allowed to jump off high spaces and not to play too rough with children and large dogs.


The Pomeranian is more commonly known as the Pom. Despite its size, the Pom was originally bred to be a sheep-herding dog as it used to be much larger than what it is today. They are best known for the funny behaviours and lovable personalities. They like to put on a great show at home, running rings around their owners. They're great with children and make excellent family pets.


The Pug was originally bred in China over 2400 years ago. The meaning of their breed name is still unclear today, although some have said it's slang for "monkey" also called the Dutch Mastiff, Dutch Bulldog and Chinese Pug. The Pug is a very old dog breed that was developed in China at least 2400 years ago.

This dog breed doesn't require lots of exercises, so they make great pets to have in a small apartment. They're very lively and love to play with their owners and children. The pug gets on very well with most other dog breeds.

Toy Poodle

The toy poodle is known for being one of the most lovable and favorite toy dog breeds. They're very energetic and love to play outdoors and games indoors. They're a popular breed and very good around children. They're also famous for their mild temperament and high intellect.

Griffon Bruxellois

This toy dog breed is highly intelligent and a delight to be around. They're a sensitive breed of dog and demand lots of attention from their owners. They have a very short nose that tilts upwards, beautiful eyes and a domed top skull. They appear to pout when in-fact they're just smiling. They make excellent family dogs and require lots of stimulation. They are suited to an active family.


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