Dog Breeds For Young Children

5 June 2017 | Dog Advice

Five Suitable Dog Breeds For Young Children

Many children love the idea of owning a pet and often this can be a very important addition to their lifestyle whilst growing up; teaching them how to care and be responsible from a young age. Many dog breeds are used for therapy for children and adults, that need it. Dogs have dramatically changed some children's lives with their companionship. From a young age, a pet and child can form a strong partnership and become the best of friends.

There are lots of great reasons why your child should grow up with a dog. Listed below are the top five dog breeds recommended for children. Please note, these recommendations are based on a general opinion and should not be considered as factual.

English Bulldogs

The Bulldog is a gentle and loving dog breed but still make great guard dogs. They normally grow to a height of 12-16" and weigh around 50-55 lbs. Bulldogs are notoriously full of energy as a puppy, but this will slow down as they grow into an adult dog.

With this, they make a great companion for young children. Growing with them to become a calmer dog as they begin to age. The Bulldog sheds a little and they should be brushed and wiped every day to help keep their wrinkles clean and infection free

This breed tends to form very strong bonds with children. They're loyal and have a calm temperament whilst also being courageous; making them a great choice of dog breed for children.


The Poodle falls into the small dog breed category. They're best known for their absurd haircuts, that are often over-styled. They're a fun-loving dog breed making them easy to handle for families with small children. With their hypoallergenic coat, they're also suitable for children that are prone to allergies and asthma.

They do require regular grooming otherwise their coat may become matted. Daily brushing and oiling of their coat can help prevent this from happening. Poodles require regular exercise as they're prone to becoming overweight. If you're an active family, then the Poodle is a suitable breed of dog to join you on your adventures.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is very happy-go-lucky and vivacious. They're energetic; putting a smile on the face of everyone that they meet. Shedding is minimal, which makes them an ideal pet for those that like a super clean home!

This dog breed is prone to developing small dog syndrome if they are led to believe that they are the head of the pack. You will need to be firm with rules and training to help prevent this from happening.

They require frequent exercise to prevent them from becoming bored. This making them an ideal pet for families that are active and enjoy the outdoors with their children.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is best-known for being a loyal family dog. They make great companions for children and adults. They are very easy to train and will pick up commands very quickly.

This dog breed as a sweet and playful nature, which makes this breed a great choice for a family dog. They're very calm whilst their indoors, but love a good run-around when letting outside. They're extremely active and will help keep your children fit as they play chase in the local park.

The Golden Retriever has a very high tolerance when it comes to children, making them trustworthy and suitable for small, young children. The bond between the Retriever and family is magical.


The Beagle is famous for its floppy ears. They were originally bred to be hunters, so they might struggle with smaller pets such as hamsters, ferrets etc. Their food intake must be monitored as the Beagle is prone to weight-gain. So, smaller children must be educated on how to healthy feed your Beagle and not be tempted to feed them scraps from the kitchen table.

The Beagle is easy to care for and typically loves spending time with other dogs and children. They need vigorous, daily exercise; making them an ideal companion for small children that love to play outdoors. The Beagle is sweet, gentle and extremely loving. They love to play games and can spend endless hours running around the park.


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