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4 August 2017 | Dog Advice

5 Giant Dog Breeds

Dog breeds are often divided into various sizes, which range from, toy dog breeds, small dog breeds, medium dog breeds, large dog breeds and giant dog breeds!

Often the larger breed of dogs is not the most popular choice of pets within the UK. This is mostly because of their logistics involved in providing them with adequate space to run around and be comfortable. Also, the cost of feeding them can be very expensive.

Many of the giant dog breeds are soft natured, relaxed and mature at heart. As they are on the larger size they are less likely to be intimidated by anyone visiting your home to are much more accepting towards others. They're normally great family dogs as they're very calm and often at a slower pace. Giant dog breeds are generally well known for being suited to work roles, such as being a guard dog or herding other animals.

Unfortunately, giant dog breeds do have a disadvantage to their health in comparison to smaller dog breeds. They eat more than a small dog, so the costs are significant when it comes to food and treats. As they're on the larger side, they do require supplements to help protect their joints from arthritis as the weight can cause issues. Along with this, they need daily exercise, which can be a gentle walk in the park.

In addition to the food spend, the costs for any kind of medication for a giant dog breed cost a lot more as pharmaceuticals generally charge on mass/volume which is then determined by the weight of the dog. Larger dog breeds are susceptible to joint issues such as arthritis and hid dysplasia and other debilitating cartridge and bone issues.  Often, this is a result of a higher growth factor than smaller dog breeds. Generally, the life span of a larger dog is 6-10 years.

As well as considering their potential health issues, feeding costs, and vet bills, the giant dog breeds are still very appealing as they're easy to train and often are very loving and loyal.

If you're looking for a giant dog breed then listed below are the top 5 giant dog breeds:

Great Dane

The Great Dane is sometimes referred to as the German Mastiff and is one of the most popular giant dog breeds within the UK. Generally, they are also the tallest dog breed, reaching 86cm. Despite their size and weight, they are not a heavyset dog.

Pyrenean Mastiff

The Pyrenean Mastiff weighs in at a massive 220lb to 300lb and sometimes even more. The Pyrenean Mastiff is a kind natured dog that is very loving and calm. They're not overly energetic, but do require daily exercise like every other dog breed as they're prone to becoming overweight.


The Bullmastiff is recognised for being the heaviest dog breed on the planet. Although this recognition is well-deserved, normally, this giant dog breeds weight is on average 180lb and they stand at 76cm tall.

Saint Bernard

This dog breed originates from the Swiss Alps and normally weighs in the region of 200lb, although some Saint Bernard's have weighed in at a staggering 300lb. They're a tall breed, standing at 78cm high and have a stocky build. This giant dog breed is well natured and extremely tolerant with children. They make a wonderful addition to most families.

Japanese Tosa Inu

It is extremely unlikely that you will see this giant dog breed in the UK. This dog breed is one of 4 dog breeds that are banned in the UK under the terms of the dangerous dog act. They normally weigh around 22lb and stand about 71cm tall.


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