2 August 2017 | Dog Advice

4 Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are popular for many different reasons. Firstly, as they are so small, they are easily portable when traveling and suitable for City living. They require very little space, meaning they can easily fit and adapt to most living spaces. The biggest reason for their popularity is their cuteness. Owning a small, cute dog is absolutely adorable and they bring you so much happiness.

As with all dog breeds, they come with their own set of challenges. A small dog can be just as much as a handful as any other sized dog breed. Small dog breeds have big personalities, so you mustn't be fooled. They require continuous training and lots of exercises to keep them happy and healthy.

Generally, smaller dogs eat less, but you must be careful not to underfeed or over feed them. It's worth checking with the pet food supplier or your vet if you are unsure how much and what they should be eating.

If you think that a small dog breed is a right choice for you and you're now looking for pets for sale or pets for adoption, then you must research fully on what small dog breed is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Listed below are the top 4 small dog breeds:


This dog is soft and very cute with a gentle but brave persona. Their playful and have lots of energy. The Maltese forms a very strong bond with its owner and spends most of their day following them around.

This dog breed can be very vocal and if big enough, would make an excellent guard dog. They're very brave and tougher than they look.

Miniature Poodle 

The Poodle is known for its very tight curls and famous haircut. They have a very rich history and were known as entertainers back in the day

This dog breed is extremely intelligent and comes in three sizes, toy, miniature and standard size. The Poodle is also known for its longevity and hunting background. They have an eager nature and love to play around. They do have a reputation of getting themselves into mischief should they not get the right amount of daily exercise and human attention.

Miniature Schnauzer

This breed of dog is highly energetic and portrays a big dog attitude. They're easily recognised by their famous bearded haircut. They are one of the most popular small dog breeds on the planet. The Miniature Schnauzer has a very strong sense of protectiveness and loyalty to its owner and family. They require continuous training and make wonderful companions. 

They have a strong personality so require lots of training and need to be shown who is boss as they have a tendency to dominate a household otherwise. If they're not given plenty of exercises they can also become destructive.

Yorkshire Terrier

Lastly, the Yorkshire terrier is a beautiful small dog breed with its gorgeous tan and blue coat. They have long silky hair and the botches are often seen with a little bow in their hair. They're extremely quintessential and typically British.

The Yorkshire Terrier is very energetic despite its size. They do require daily walks and lots of mental stimulation. If they run around the house for no reason then this is often a sign that they need more exercise.

This dog does pack a punch with its bark! They make up for their small size with their big personality.

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