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Life span

15 Years


Thinking of buying or adopting a Persian?

Persian Overview

The Persian cat breed is known for being rather dignified and having a docile personality. This cat breed is relatively quiet and sweet. They love to relax and will happily spend hours chilling on their owners lap. They love to be touched and to receive lots of love and affection. They equally love to share their love and affection.

The Persian prefers a quiet home as oppose to a hectic, loud household. They don’t do very well with big changes and this can stress them out. Instead, introduce any form of change in small doses and with patience. The Persian is a cat breed with simple needs. They’re not particularly demanding and require endless hours of entertainment. The Persian is a cat that likes to climb high spaces; instead, they’re more than happy to dominate their space from the ground.

This cat breeds ha a rather distinctive appearance which consists of a large, round head; full cheeks; short nose and small ears. They have a thick, shiny coat and their coat comes in a variety of colours and patterns.

Persian Characteristics

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