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Life span

20 Years


Chartreux Overview

The Chartreux cat is one of the quietest cat breeds on the planet. They tend to make hardly any noise, such as crying or meowing, in fact, sometimes they’re known to be completely mute. This cat breed is exceptionally talented and very observant.

The Chartreux originates from France and is a rare breed of a domestic cat. They’re large in size and well-built. They have very fast reflexes and finely boned limbs. They have a blue and grey short-haired coat with copper and orange coloured eyes. This cat breed is well known for their smile because of the structure of their head and their tapered muzzle, which often looks like they’re smiling. Their very good hunters and are highly regarded by farmers. 


Thinking of buying or adopting a Chartreux?

Chartreux Characteristics

History & Origin

The Chartreux cat breed dates back to the 18th century and potentially earlier. Originating in France, they were bred by the Carthusian monks and in 1970, the first Chartreux made its way to the US and shortly after was recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1987. 

Chartreux Temperament

This cat breed takes on average; two years to reach adult life. They’re very playful and very good with children and other domestic pets. The Chartreux is affectionate, generally very healthy and non-aggressive. This cat breed tends to bond very closely with one particular person, although they’re still very loving towards other members of their family.


The Chartreux is known for its blue woolly coat which requires regular combing and not brushing. They shed twice a year during the change of season and during this time would need daily combing to remove any dead hair and keep their coat in great condition. 

As the same with other cat breeds, they require regular nail trimming, teeth brushing and cleaning of their ears and eyes to prevent the build-up of dirt which can lead to infection. 



The Chartreux is generally a healthy cat breed but is prone to struvite stones in the urinary tract and polycystic kidney disease. When looking to buy a Chartreux kitten you must use a responsible breeder and check the genetic testing during the breeding process. You must not buy from a breeder that can not provide a written health guarantee. 

Regular check-ups at the vets and plenty of exercises and a healthy diet can help your cat live a healthy and happy life. 


Children and other pets

The Chartreux cat makes a wonderful addition to any family with children of all ages. They love to play and spend time with their loved ones and therefore would suit a family with children so they can grow together. 

Pleases note that playtime must always be supervised between children and pets to prevent rough play.