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West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

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West Yorkshire HD7 6DT

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West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Like many rehoming centres, West Yorkshire Dog Rescue is a registered charity that is run entirely from a committee of voluntary individuals who dedicate their time to homeless and abandoned dogs and provide them with a safe and loving home until a new committed family can be found.

Predominately, they work in and around the West Yorkshire area but sometimes they extend themselves beyond here especially when their support and expertise is required.

Relying almost entirely on a foster network, they very rarely use kennels unless there is an extreme emergency in which case a very short stay in emergency kennelling has been used to save a dog from being put to sleep.

Whilst in foster, the dogs behaviour is assessed in a family environment so that they can tell potential new owners all about the dog; their likes and dislikes. They ensure the dog is healthy and has received any treatment needed, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped and in most cases neutered (unless advised not to by their vet, in which case neutering must be arranged in the new home). They pride themselves of matching the dog with the owner and do post adoption check-ups along with offering continued support to all new owners.



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