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Stray Aid Ltd

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Stray Aid Rescue and Rehoming Centre
Cornforth Lane
County Durham DH6 4EJ

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Dedicated to the welfare of stray dogs

Stray Aid started in 2007, and the charity came about as a necessity - too many dogs were being found in County Durham as strays, and were being put down due to lack of understanding and care available. Once Stray Aid was founded this influenced other pounds in the area to join the non-destruct policy that the charity passionately practices.

When a stray dog arrives at the centre they receive the best possible care from the start, with an on-site vet Stray Aid can offer instant care for the dogs that need it. The pound staff take their time to help dogs adjust to the strange environment giving them time to settle in. Stray Aid hopes that each dog's owners can be found, and unclaimed dogs are well cared for. They are all vet checked, neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If the owner cannot be found the dog is put up for adoption.

No matter how long it takes a dog will be safe with Stray Aid until they find a home. The charity are experienced with dogs with behaviour problems, and the volunteers, staff and their volunteer behaviourist will work with a dog for months if necessary in order to achieve a happy, healthy, relaxed dog that can be rehomed.

Every dog matters, regardless of breed, age or size, each is an individual and Stray Aid respect that every dog will have its own unique ways of dealing with kennel life so they do their best to make them as happy as possible during their stay. If you would like to give a dog a forever home then get in touch with Stray Aid today.

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