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Pebbles Legacy Dog Rescue

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Reception Imex Business Park
Ormonde Street
Staffordshire ST4 3NP

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About Us

We are a caring Dog Rescue in all types of breeds
We are a small, volunteer run group who’s aim is to fund raise for dogs who have found themselves in need of help, through no fault of their own. There is a huge problem in the UK with homeless dogs. Many, if not most, of the country's dog's homes and rescue centres are full to capacity. Some of the dogs have found themselves homeless through being abandoned. Others are cruelty and neglect cases. Kennelling for these dogs is expensive and providing food and veterinary care runs into thousands of pounds. Some dogs may need help in the form of behaviourists and trainers to work with them so as to ready them for life within a home environment. And again, none of these services are free. Our fundraising will go to helping to cover these costs and save the lives of dogs who may otherwise have no future. The name Pebbles Legacy is in honour of one such dog. Pebbles was an Old Tyme Bulldog who was placed in a rescue after being used by humans as a breeding machine and ashtray. When she was taken in, she had countless cigarette burns to her head, and showed physical signs of being overbred. Despite this, she was an extremely gentle and loving girl. Sadly, the excessive breeding had taken it's toll on her body and she had developed mammary tumours. Although surgery gave her some relief for a short while, the cancer was to return and in a location that was deemed inoperable. During this time, Pebbles lived in a loving family home and very quickly captured the hearts of everyone who met her. She succumbed to her ill health and made her journey to Rainbow Bridge, surrounded by her new family, many tears and love. In her memory, we shall endeavour to give the same chance Pebbles had, to the countless other dogs that need it. We hope that you will be part of this with us and look forward to making friends, raising money and saving lives together.

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