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Lost Souls Sanctuary

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Upper Minnetts
Monmouthshire NP26 3US

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Border Collie and German shepherd rescue
Lost Souls Sanctuary was set up for dogs that had nowhere to go. Dogs that had either been through the mill of rescue only to be returned and were too traumatized to go through the process again, dogs that had suffered severe abuse or neglect and had no trust left in human beings and dogs with behavior problems deemed impossible to re home.

Most of the dogs that are in our care will be here for the rest of their lives. They will never have to face hunger, abuse, neglect or the trauma of being homed and returned ever again. They all live and play together, they sleep in heated kennels next to the house or in the house. They are with us all the time and we have a unique bond with each and every one of them. It is hard work but our reward is seeing happy dogs with bright eyes, shining coats and the will to trust and live again.

The Sanctuary is primarily for Border Collies and German Shepherd though other breeds that had a desperate need found their way here too.


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