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Greyhound Trust Canterbury

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Rosedale Kennels
Rusham Road
Kent CT3 1JL

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Canterbury Branch of the Greyhound Trust

The Sittingbourne branch of the RGT (Retired Greyhound Trust) was set up in 2006. Their aim is to find homes for the greyhounds that have retired from racing at the Central Park Stadium in Sittingbourne, Kent. In line with the national charity we have now changed our name to Greyhound Trust Canterbury

The Greyhound Trust is a national charity, founded in 1975 that is dedicated to finding loving homes for greyhounds when their racing days are over. All of their members are dedicated volunteers who give their time to help find homes for these beautiful dogs.

“Despite popular misconceptions, greyhounds are gentle and adaptable making them ideal family pets. Lazy couch potatoes needing only two twenty minute walks a day. When homed responsibly they can live with other pets.All our greyhounds come with a collar, lead and box muzzle. They will be neutered, vaccinated and have had parasite treatment. Also issued is 4 weeks free pet insurance. “

The Greyhound Trust ask for a donation, and all adoptions are subject to a home check.

At Support Adoption For Pets we love the idea that greyhounds and other race dogs have somewhere to go when their racing days are over, as it is often the case that owners cannot, or choose not to keep the dogs beyond their days at the track; but having a shelter such as the Greyhound trust for the dogs to go to ensures they do not end up on the streets. The Greyhound Trust volunteers work tirelessly to give these dogs the happy life they deserve!

If you think you could help, volunteer, or even give a greyhound a loving home, then call or email the Greyhound Trust and talk to them about adopting a pet!

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