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Dun-Roamin' (Dog) Rehoming

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c/o Witherley Boarding Kennels
Atterton Lane
Leicestershire CV9 3LR

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Dun-Roamin' Rehoming is a dog rehoming charity based in Leicestershire.

Dun-Roamin' Rehoming work hand in hand with Dun-Roamin' Stray Dog Collection - collecting stray dogs, and working to find an owner. When an owner cannot be traced, or does not claim their dog back, Dun- Roamin' bring them into their kennels.

Once in their care, Dun-Roamin' assess, rehabilitate and work to re-home these dogs. Everything these two organisations does stems from a very strong set of ethics - teaching a dog to behave a certain way because it wants to, not because it is fearful of what will happen if it does not. This teaching has given the charity an understanding of dogs that goes beyond the knowledge of your average dog owner. Through their work Dun-Roamin' hope to spread this ethical practice, and see that all dogs are cared for in the best possible way.

If you would like to adopt a dog don't hesitate to get in touch with the charity today.

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