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A Better life Dog rescue aim to transport and re home, abandoned and neglected dogs from Romania.

The population of stray dogs isn't helped by Romanian's dumping much loved pets on to the streets.

Many of the dogs will never reach adulthood as they will either be caught by dog catchers, starve to death or killed on the roads. This leaves many very young pups and young adults to scrounge for what food and shelter they can get. Until a mass spay and neuter campaign is agreed this will continue to happen.
A Better Life Dog Rescue feel these poor dogs have the right to live. They transport the dogs and puppies over to the UK to go to live in safe loving homes where they will be cared for and loved and treated with the respect they deserve.
They are also committed to help those left behind. For dogs that have been living on the streets too long, and are unsuitable to live in a home environment, A Better Life Dog Rescue will help pay to have them spayed and neutered.
If you would like to help in anyway saving these poor animals then visit their website directly for more information. 

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