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Ardley Rescue Kennels

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Ardley Rescue Kennels
Barn House
Bucknell Road
Oxfordshire OX27 7HP

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About Us

Since the rescue started, Ardley Rescue Kennels have run a 24/7 service for dogs in need of help, from unwanted and abandoned to lost and found.

The rescue assess each dog individually, in order to ensure the best possible home is found. This can include seeing how each dog reacts with other animals and children, even finding out if the dog prefers a lead or harness. Dogs come first, so they take re-homing very seriously.

All of the dogs at Ardley receive high standard veterinary care which includes worming and flea treatments, bathing and microchipping. Also ensuring each dog is spayed and neutered before being re-homed. 

We aren’t about making profit here, we just want to make sure each dog is looked after properly and to do this we rely solely on the donations.

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