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Animal Samaritans /border collie rescue

Centre Location

The Round House
Craven Arms
Shropshire SY7 8HT

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About Us

Dog Samaritans is the dog rescue arm of the Animal Samaritans Midlands Trust helping local rescue dogs.They are a registered animal charity based in South Shropshire in the west midlands.
The rescue take in dogs for many reasons, some strays, some given up by their owners due to housing or health problems or because they have died or going into a nursing home. 
As a small animal charity they do not have their own rescue kennels.  Most of the dogs are boarded at Nipstone kennels 
Nipstone near minsterly, shropshire,  the kennels are open from 10am to 4pm every day. visiting the dogs are by appointment only.

Centre Opening Times

Not Available