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Animal Rescue Cymru

Animal Rescue Cymru (A.R.C.) is a registered charity, based in West Wales. The main aim of the charity is to take in abandoned, unwanted and in some instances, cruelly treated animals from all over Wales.

A.R.C. assess & vet check the animals, then are able to offer them for adoption into carefully vetted homes anywhere within the UK. The charity ensure all dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated, flea-treated, wormed and micro-chipped before re-homing, and those puppies & kittens that are too young for neutering must come back to Animal Rescue Cymru for this procedure to take place.

Occasionally animals that are too elderly or not fit enough for rehoming come to the charity, and in such cases A.R.C. try & place them in a long-term foster home, where the charity continues to pay for all veterinary treatments where necessary, and provides a constant supply of food for their lifetime.

Beyond cats and dogs, the charity occasionally rescues ponies. A.R.C. cover the cost of food, care & vets’ bills. They also have the ponies pass-ported, in line with the DEFRA regulations for movement of horses.

The charity aims to never turn any animal away, and they don’t put any animals to sleep, unless acting on a vet's advice. This often results in quite a long waiting list of animals to come in, but Animal Rescue Cymru do their best to accommodate them all. They rehome all over the UK and carry out a home check before rehoming can take place. The charity provide rescue back-up 24hrs-a-day, 7 days-a-week, and has a fully qualified, experienced dog behaviourist to give advice on more persistent problems.

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