Dog Sneezing

21 May 2020 | Dog Advice

Why Is My Dog Sneezing And Is It Serious?

Dogs sneezing is a common occurrence, just like humans, they can suffer from allergies, or something irritating their nasal region, and they need to sneeze.

There are, however, other reasons why your dog could be sneezing and it is important to rule out anything serious should your dog be sneezing an unusual amount or during unusual times.

Dogs sneezing is more common than you would expect and the majority of the time there is no need for concern. Watching your dog sneeze is also very cute.

Reasons why your dog may be sneezing

There are many reasons why your dog is sneezing. More often, it is an irritant in their noise like household products, dust, pollen and even perfume. Dogs sneezing can also be due to something becoming stuck in their nose after they’ve been digging.

If your dog has had a sneezing fit, it could be a result of something in the air. When cleaning your home you should try and use eco-friendly products that are safe around animals, as this can also irritate their nose and cause a sneezing fit.

Hunting dogs like to dig and sniff holes in the ground whilst they’re chasing a scent. This group of dog breeds often get debris stuck up their noses such as twigs, dirt etc. if your dog likes to dig, then you must be wary of this and check their nasal area for any wanted insects or debris.

There can be, of course, medical reasons as to why your dog is sneezing more than usual and if you’re concerned then it is worth getting them checked out at the vets to rule out anything serious.

Listed below are some of the medical reasons as to why your dog may be sneezing:

  • Tumours. Occasionally, persistent sneezing can be a sign of something serious such as a tumour. Second-hand smoke is one of the main causes of tumours in dogs' nasal passages and is most common in dogs that have longer noses. If you think this could be why your dog is sneezing often, then you must seek medical help immediately.
  • Infected tooth. The third upper premolar in a dogs mouth has roots that are really close to their nasal passage and if a nearby tooth is infected, this can cause your dog to have sneezing fits. 
  • Brachycephalic dog breeds. These dog breeds such as the Bulldog, Pug and Boston Terrier have compressed nasal passages and are more inclined to sneezing fits than other dog breeds.

Why does my dog sneeze when playing?

Many dog owners have noticed that their dogs sneeze when playing or excited by something. This is referred to as “play sneezing” and it is normally harmless. When dogs sneeze during playtime it's because they're having fun.

This type of sneeze is a signal that they want to play and they’re having a great time! This particular form of play and sneeze is more common in small dog breeds or toy dog breeds. This type of behaviour shouldn't cause any concern.

Can my dog get a nasal infection?

Normally, when your dog sneezes its a result of something irritating their nasal passage. However, if your dog is sneezing more than normal it could be a result of an infection in their nasal passage. Majority of the time, a respiratory tract infection is accompanied by a cough but it's still worth checking with your vets if you're concerned.

There are also other nasal infections which are more serious and often come with nosebleeds, discharge and visible swelling. This could be caused by inhalation of fungus from dust known as Aspergillus fungus. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms you must take them to the vets as soon as possible.

On very rare occasions, consistent sneezing can also be caused by nasal mites. Tiny little bugs get inside your dog's nasal passage and can become incredibly irritating for your dog. Often, they would also suffer from nosebleeds and excess discharge from your dog's nose. If you suspect your dog is suffering from this, you must take them to the vets as soon as possible.


Dog Sneezing

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