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4 February 2017 | Dog Advice

When can I take my puppy outside?

When you bring home your new puppy you’ll be very excited to showing your new fur baby off to your family and friends and obviously taking them out for a walk. One of the most important factors to consider is: you must not take your puppy outside until they have all of their necessary vaccinations.

A lot of new dog owners often ask the same question: “ When is it safe to take my new puppy outside?”

There are two main reasons why owners are wanting to get out and about with their puppies. The first reason is the need to socialize their puppy. The second reason is because of the excitement.

Puppies are more vulnerable to infection. With regular out outbreaks of parvovirus still happening in most parts of the world, this virus can also result in fatality. This can be a big problem for puppies.

Puppies need to be kept at home until they are fully protected. This may seem slightly over cautious, but as your puppy's immune system is still in the development phase, they are extremely vulnerable to contracting dangerous illnesses. Therefore it is very important that your puppy is kept inside for their own safety until they are completely vaccinated.

So when can I take my puppy outside?

Vets recommend waiting until one or two weeks after your puppy has received their last vaccination booster, which is usually around fourteen to sixteen weeks old, before taking them outside.

It is important that you don't resist temptation and take your puppy outside before this time. As a responsible owner, you will want to ensure that you give your puppy the best start in their life. During this time indoors, you can use this time to introduce your puppy to training and socialisation, which needs to start happening when they reach eight weeks old.

Introducing your puppy to other dogs at 16 weeks old

You should start by introducing your puppy to dogs that have a good temperament and have also been fully vaccinated. Its best to do this in the comfort of your own garden. You can also try socializing your puppy by introducing them to various people and maybe considering puppy school.

What your puppy learns now will stay with them for the rest of their lives. If you want your dog to be sociable around children and adults, then it's important that you get their training right.

As time goes by, your puppy will be exploring the great outdoors. You must not forget that it's not just as puppies that they need proper care and vaccinating, but they will need to visit the month every 6 months to stay healthy.


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