Strongest Dog Breeds

26 April 2017 | Dog Advice

Top Eight Strongest Dog Breeds

With the many species that we share our world with, nothing comes close to the species we regard as the "mans best friend". Humans have breed dogs for many years for a variety of purposes, whether it be your general domestic pet, rescue services, or the need for a strong working dog. Breeding of dogs has almost become a profession as we become more particular in terms of our wants and needs from our beloved pets.

The genetic traits we find in dogs today are far stronger and more agile than before. History has shown that the importance and need for guard and working dogs has motivated us to breed powerful dog breeds that can protect us and that are also obedient and domesticated.

But which dogs breeds are known to be the strongest? Read on further to find out.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is immensely strong and very resilient to colder temperatures. They make great working dogs, especially for the outside as their coat is thick and protective. They're very loyal and great with children, providing their surrounded by the appropriate training. They normally grow no higher than 20 inches and weigh around 60 pounds.

American Bulldog

Typically this breed is stocky, well-built and on the muscular side. They are extremely confident and form strong bonds with their owners. This dog breed normally requires lots of attention due to their emotional characteristics. They make great family pets as long as their socialised properly from a young age.

German Shepherd

The German Shepard is one of the most intelligent dog breeds and easy to train. Their loyalty and fierce protecting behaviour makes them an ideal companion for families, search and rescue teams, and military roles. This dog breed is not that big in comparison to other dog breeds that hold their place in the strong category, but their speed and agility makes them a contender for the strong dog list.

Saint Bernard

Known as one of the most loyal of dogs breeds and perfect to have around children, the Saint Bernard is a gentle dog breed with strong characteristics. They normally grow to over 30 inches and can weigh in excess of 300 pounds. The Saint Bernard has been used for years in the search and rescue industry. Their best known for finding those trapped in snow after heavy avalanches.

Great Dane

This dog breed is recognised as one of the tallest of all the dog breeds. They were originally bred as a German hunting dog, this breed compacts a very large frame with elegance and graceful movements. This breed is so agile that they are able to hunt for bears and hunt wild boar. They make great family pets, but do require continuous training. 


This dog breed is best known for its obedience, loyalty, and balanced temperament. They usually respond well to training and are easily domesticated. This breed is pure muscle, agile and very quick on their paws! They can grow to a height of 27 inches and weigh around 130 pounds of muscle. As this dog breed is intelligent, they have the ability to work well with humans and make excellent guard dogs.


Of all the strong dog breeds, the Kangal has immense strength and packs a powerful punch in terms of aggressiveness towards predators. Despite their power, the Kangal is very loyal and gentle with their owners, small children and other animals. They make great guardian pets for families with young children.


The English Mastiff is known for its strength and noticeable large head and muscular body. They're also known for their kind, well balanced behaviour, and gentleness towards their owners. This dog breed is better suited to country or rural areas.


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