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29 April 2020 | Dog Advice

Top 6 Dog Breeds With The Strongest Bite

Dogs are the most loved pets in the world. Because of the long history of dogs living with humans, many owners and animal enthusiasts want to know what dog breed has the strongest bite. This information is very useful when choosing what dog breed is most suitable for them.

Small dog breeds such as the Chihuahua can hurt when they bite as their teeth are needle-sharp and if necessary, they can bite or nip to tell other dogs or annoying humans to back-off. All dog breeds have the capability to bite. If dogs are not trained correctly or mishandled in any way, then regardless of the dog breed, they may have the tendency to bite. Regular dog training is a must and not all dog breeds are suitable for young children.

However, there is a huge variance in terms of the different shape and sizes of individual dog breeds and their teeth and strength of their jaws. The strength of a dog's jaw determines the strength of the bite.

The strength of a dog's jaw also varies between dog breeds. Large dog breeds do have bigger jaws and therefore likely to deliver a more powerful bite.

To determine the power of a dog bite, researchers use digital bite meters which measure the bite force in pounds per square inch, also known as PSI. Research indicates that larger dog breeds have a stronger biting force than smaller dog breeds.

PSI is a commonly used system and helps better understand the power behind a dog's jaw strength and bite. According to various studies, there are dog breeds that have much stronger bites than others. Listed below are the top 6 dog breeds with the strongest jaws and bite force ranked from lowest to highest:

German Shepherd

Bite force: 235psi

The German Shepherd is intelligent, loyal and eager to please. This dog breed is often used by the police force as they’re the smartest and most courageous dog breed.


Bite force: 228 psi

The Doberman is a fast, powerful dog breed and extremely loyal to their owners. They make ideal guard dogs as they have a loud bark and strong exterior.

American Bulldog

Bite force: 300 psi

The Bulldog dog breed is best known for its wrinkly, kind face with an easygoing attitude. The Bulldog, however, has one of the most powerful bites. This dog breed is generally very calm and they love to chill with their owner.


Bite force: 328 psi

The Rottweiler is one of the strongest dog breeds with a compact body. They make excellent guard dogs and pets in general. The Rottweiler has an intimidating stance but this shouldn't put you off owning one as they’re also one of the most loving and loyal dog breeds.


Bite force: 399 psi

The Leonberger is a friendly, playful and gentle dog breed. They measure up to 31 inches tall and weigh up to 170 pounds. They have a very powerful bite and training must be continuous. This dog breed makes a wonderful pet but not suitable for families with young children.

This dog breed was historically used for guarding livestock and used to support in water rescue as they love to swim,


Bite force: 552 psi

The Mastiff is a large dog breed, measuring around 30 inches tall and weighing up to 230 pounds. The average Mastiff weighs more than the average male. They make wonderful pets and love nothing more than pleasing their owner. Continuous training is a must to keep this dog breed happy and content.

Lastly, the dogs listed above are legal within the UK and make wonderful pets. All dog breeds have different traits and behaviours. Before committing to a dog breed, you should always do your research on what dog breed would be the most suitable for your lifestyle and family.


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