Ten Top Gifts For Pets This Christmas

13 December 2016 | Dog Advice

Ten Top Gifts For Pets This Christmas

Here at Mypetzilla headquarters Bilbo and Aston have been working very hard on researching and sourcing Christmas presents for pets and tasting festive treats. They've worked tirelessly on collating the perfect Christmas gifts for your furry friends this Christmas.


Listed below are their top 10 favorite gifts, everything from dog selfie sticks, water bottles, to cat wine and ball throwers, they've covered it all for this Christmas.

Dog Selfie: The Original Dog Selfie Stick

Ok. This present is probably more fun for the owner, then for the pet, but we’ve listed it anyway. The dog selfie stick helps grasp your dog's attention whilst you snap that perfect picture. Never miss the opportunity to take a pet snap again.

iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower For Dogs

If your furry four-legged friend loves to play catch, then this is the perfect present for Christmas. The iFetch Ball Thrower reduces the strain on your arm when throwing the ball some distance (or if you’re not that good at throwing) Simply train your dog to drop the ball in the hole and the iFetch will shoot the ball across the room, or garden (warning do not use in small confined spaces). This gift will provide endless hours of fun and exercise for your pet.

Facial Cat Massager

This facial massager was originally invented for humans, but it turns out that our feline friends love it too. Give your diva friend the ultimate spa day and relaxation after the festive season.

Doggy Water Bottle

If you and your companion love going for long walks and they struggle to stay hydrated, then the Doggy Water Bottle is the ideal solution. Simply fill the water bottle with fresh water before you head out for your long walk together and you will not have to worry about their water intake. Unscrew the bottle cap and pour away! The cap acts as the water bowl.

Apollo Peak Dog and Cat Wine

Yes, this does really exist. You and your furry friend can now both relax and enjoy a glass of scrumptious wine together. Of course, the pet version is non-alcoholic and made with fresh organic animal-friendly herbs, peppermint, chamomile, and beetroot. Try the ‘Pinot Meow’ or the ‘Chardognay’  and enjoy the finer life together.

Alfie & Mollys Grain Free Turkey, Chestnut and Thyme Christmas Tree Treats

Everyone's furry friend deserves a festive treat this Christmas and these (according to Bilbo, our in-house treat taster) are delicious! Grain and wheat free, these treats are perfect for pets that have sensitive tummies. If your dog prefers the finer things in life, then this present will suit your furry best friend. With no added salt, sugar, preservatives, or flavors. This makes the perfect pet stocking filler.

Pets Pyjamas Dog Treat Box

Just like what you would buy for your child’s Christmas box, this dog treat box is packed with a range of super treats, including everything from chewy steak treats, bones and a Christmas Cracker toys. This gift is fantastic value for money and something that your dog will enjoy.

Lilly's Kitchen Christmas Gift Box for Cats

The ultimate Christmas gift for your feline friend. This Christmas box is a sleighful of wonder, generously filled with delicious treats. Everything from whisker-licking chicken treats, premium catnip mouse toys to a beautiful polka dot ceramic cat bowl from Mason Cash.

Charley Chau Snuggle Beds

If you’re looking to buy your pooch the King of all gifts, then we can't recommend the Charley Chau Snuggle Beds enough! For doggies that like to burrow and snuggle, this oversized bedding is the perfect investment, guaranteed to provide your dog a cozy, warm, winters night sleep.

Mason Le Lou Albert Dog Toy

Tired of your pooch stealing your children's toys? The Mason Le Lou Albert Dog Toy is the cutest, cuddly gift to buy your furry friend this Christmas. This cuddly toy is so soft, your pooch can play and cuddle to their heart's content. The Albert Bear is handmade in England and made from luxury Italian wool. Perfect for puppies and younger dogs.


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