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12 August 2016 | Dog Advice

Taking Your Dog with You on Holiday

If you have recently bought a new dog you may be wondering if you can take the little furry fella with you on holiday. After all the whole process of putting your pooch into a kennel for a couple of weeks can be far too heart breaking for words. Well if you are planning a UK based getaway this year then the possibility of taking your beloved dog with you is not an unrealistic one. The number of hotels and even spas that cater for dogs is on the increase, so there is no need to leave a member of the family behind this year.

Some hotels are not only allowing dogs but are going to extreme lengths to cater for visitors with dogs. If you really want to spoil your pooch many places offer a dedicated doggy menu to truly make your four legged friend feel pampered. Some of the more specialist places will also offer practical services such as walking and sitting. They will generally also have rooms that come complete with baskets and blankets.

Of course every hotel will have its own rules about animals. Even chain hotels will often set their own rules on a branch by branch basis. You therefore need to know the restrictions of a hotel before you book. For a review of some of the most interesting doggy retreats in the country Buyagift have published a guide to staying in a hotel with your dog.

They have also created an informative PDF covering hotel etiquette when taking your dog with you on holiday. This Petiquette guide looks at the research you need to do before you book, essential things to take and good doggy behavior.


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