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27 April 2018 | Dog Advice

Summer Dog Care Tips

Summer is fast approaching and temperatures are set to increase over the next few weeks. If you’re a dog owner then you must understand the importance of keeping your dog safe during the warmer weather, as you would for yourself.

All dog breeds can suffer during any kind of adverse weather condition and some more than others. It is important that you fully understand what temperatures are safe to take your dog outside and what other precautionary measures you should be taking to help keep your dog safe and well.

Mypetzilla have listed some really helpful summer pet weather tips below. Remember if you’re unsure on how best to look after your dog during the warmer weather you can also seek professional advice from your local veterinary practise.

Keep your dog hydrated

Your dog should have access to fresh drinking water every day regardless of the weather conditions. During the hotter months you should look to keep a couple of water bowls around the house and maybe one in the garden so your dog has easy access to all; depending on where they are. Just like you, your dog would like to drink cool, fresh water as oppose to warm, stagnant water, so make sure to refresh their water bowl every 2-3 hours. If you’re out walking, you must be prepared and take a dog water bottle so you can give your furry little friend plenty of water breaks.

Prevent heatstroke

Heat stroke can kill. You must act immediately if your think your dog is suffering with heatstroke, Typical signs are; excessive salivation, glazed eyes, lack of coordination, vomiting and rapid pulse.

Provide cooling off areas

If you encounter a particular hot day, you will need to asses if it’s safe enough to let your dog outside. To help keep them cool, you should provide your dog with damp towels to lie down on. Switch the sprinkler on in the garden so they can voluntary keep cool. You could also look to provide them with a plastic paddling pool so they can jump in to cool down when necessary. Another top tip is to place ice cubes in a hot water bottle and place this in their bed to help them cool down

Protect and vaccinate your dog against bugs and ticks

You should always look to keep bugs and ticks away from your dog. This can be done safely by vaccinating them at your local vets. Bugs and ticks carry diseases and can make your dog feel very unwell and on occasions it can be fatal. Speak to your vet about the best way to protect your dog and keep them safe. It is also worth trimming your grass on a regular basis so bugs and ticks don’t settle and there’s better prevention when your dog is put playing in the garden. Also be careful when using certain fertilisers and pesticides spray, products like these can be potentially harmful for your dog.

Sensible walking times

If temperatures are slightly high then it is best that you walk your dog early in the morning and later in the evening when it has cooled down. It is best to avoid walking your dog during midday as that is when the sun is at it hottest.

Sunscreen for your dog

Dogs can burn under the sun just as humans can, which is why it is so important to apply sunscreen to your dog. There are special formulated sunscreens for dogs and you can find these at most reputable pet shops. If your dog has a shorter, thinner coat, they might burn more than a dog breed with a thicker coat. It is always best to check with your vet whether your dog needs sunscreen.

Be aware of your dog’s foot pads

Remember that roads and pathways can get especially hot during high temperatures. The sand on a beach can also be particularly hot. Please be aware of this and walk your dog through the shade or cooler areas. Remember if it is too hot for you it will be too hot for your dog.

Do not leave your dog alone in a car

This point goes without saying. You must never, ever, leave your dog alone in a car. A car can heat up very quickly, even if the window is open. Dogs need plenty of fresh, circulating air and will die very quickly if left in a hot car; even if left for five minutes. Do not do it! Same goes for kennels, sheds and conservatories.

Regular grooming

You should always be grooming your dog and looking after their coat regardless of the weather. When the temperatures do get particularly warm you should look to keep their coat shorter as this will keep them cooler.  

Finally, you must always take great care of your dog and there are plenty of helpful dog care advice articles on Mypetzilla on how to care for your dog. If you’re unsure of anything and are concerned regarding your dog’s health and general well-being, then we suggest you visit your vets and seek expert advice.


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