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24 February 2017 | Dog Advice

Spring Dog Cleaning Tips

The love you have for your four-legged friend is without a doubt one of the strongest love bonds you will experience. Existing owners of dogs will totally agree with this sentiment. They will also agree to the degree of smell and dirtiness your dog can become. Keeping on top of your cleaning rituals and the bathing of your dog will help ease off the doggy smell

If you're becoming fed up of the smelly funk that comes from your furry friend, now is the time to give your home and dog a good spring clean!

The first place to start is giving your home the sniff test. Seeking out the smelly dog areas is probably the best place to start for your dog spring clean. If your god has ever had an accident, or they have a particular spot that they like to relax in, will most likely smell of dog.

It's best to use a cleaner that contains an enzymatic that friendly and safe to use around the house when you're a pet owner.

Give your car a good clean

Most dog owners will shamefully admit that their car often smells of wet dog! All them wet park walks and beach days out has resulted in the car letting off a wet dog smell. It's best to give your car a good clean out with a pet-friendly cleaner. If you don't have the time, there are special car valeting services that can help with the cleaning of your car.

Wipe your dog's paws before they enter the house

You can make the cleaning of your home much easier by getting into the habit wiping down your dog before they enter the house. A simple wipe off their muddy paws with a pet wet wipe and a good rub down with a towel after a wet walk, will help with elevating wet dog smell from your home and make future cleaning easy.

Give their toys a good clean 

If your dog is known to destroy their toys after one play, then this doesn't really apply to you and your dog. Dog’s toys can get incredibly dirty and smelly! It is important that you pay attention to this and keep on top of the cleaning of their belongings. Hard toys are very easy to clean and can be done by steeping in hot water containing Dettol or even placing in the dishwasher on a low heat setting.

Soft toys should be machine washed at a high temperature regularly. Please take care not to use too much washing powder as your dog's skin may be sensitive.

Keep on top of grooming 

Brushing your dog on a regular basis has many benefits, regardless of the length of their coat. A good brush will help remove loose hair that they need to shed and stimulate the circulation of their skin.  It also prevents the build up of dog hair around your house. 

Weekly wash of your dog's lead and collar

This should be done regularly. Sweat and mud from the routine walls will cause their lead and collar to become very dirty and smelly. The occasional roll in fox pooh will also cause dangerous bacteria to grow on their belongings, so be sure to give them a regular clean.

Washing your soft furnishings

Your own curtains, carpets and other soft furnishing's will soon begin to smell of your dog if these are never cleaned and your dog is allowed to freely sit and walk wherever they want. Dirty soft furnishings can harbour dirty nasty bacteria's, mites and fleas! So it’s best to clean these regularly. It will also keep your home smelling lovely and dog free.  This can also help with keeping your dog’s coat and wellbeing healthy.

Cleaning the dog food area

Every couple of months you should have a good clean of the area in which your dog food is kept and the containers it's kept within.  A good steep in hot water should bring the containers up nice and clean. You should also be checking that the food hasn't gone past its best before date or expiry date.


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