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23 February 2018 | Dog Advice

Pug Dog and Puppy Training Tips

After bringing your pug puppy home you would probably noticed that they’re extremely energetic. They love to play and run around and would be more than happy to do this for most of their day. The daily pattern of a pug puppy is sleep, play then sleep and more play. Watching your pug puppy release all of their energy can be rather entertaining. However, allowing them to run where they want to or do what they want will be a cause for disaster. When they become and adult dog this won’t be as entreating or cute anymore. This is when the training comes in. Training your pug puppy should start from when they’re very young so they grow to be a well-behaved, happy and content dog. Everyone needs boundaries and this includes dogs. Listed below are some top tips for training your pug puppy.

Training your puppy to be obedient

During the time your puppy is growing up to be an adult dog is the time they’re shaping their habits and learning. If they pick up bad habits or are not trained correctly, or not trained whatsoever; this is when they’ll develop issues in their adult life. Starting their training to become an obedient dog will not only help you in the long run, it will also make your dog happier and more content.

You should look to apply the following rules:

No jumping on the furniture. If this is allowed from the offset, then it will be very hard to discourage them from doing this as they grow up. Nothing is worse than dog hair all over your furniture, or their muddy paw prints on your expensive couch. Best way to approach this is to not encourage them to jump and if they try to do it whilst you’re on the couch, ignore they behaviour. The more attention you give them when they jump up at you, the more they will carry on doing it.

Playing with their food

Puppies are notorious for playing with their food in-fact this can fast become a very bad habit if not nipped in the bud straight away. Feeding times should be routine and they followed by a walk shortly after. If your dog grows up thinking its ok to play around with their food, then this will cause extra stress for you during meal-times and will result in bad eating habits for your dog

Pug playing with food
Pug playing with toys

Stop them from biting

It might seem cute of your puppy nibbles on your finger as they’re teething, or likes to nip at your hand or leg. As they grow up and develop adult teeth, this won’t seem that cute anymore and can actually be painful for you. They also might bite other people or children and this could result in serious issues.


Whilst your puppy is teething, you should provide them with a suitable teething toy or treat, that will soothe the pain and relieve any symptoms. What you don’t want them to do is bite your furniture or favourite pair of shoes. If they try to do this you should let them know that this is naughty and prevent them from doing it again.

Teaching your pug tricks

Teaching your pug tricks will create a strong bond between you both and will also allow for your puppy to impress you. All dog breeds love to impress their owners by showing off and obeying commands. It’s great to see your puppy or dogs tail wag when they’re excited to deliver their new learnt trick. Learning your dog tricks will also keep them active and provide plenty of mental stimulation. All of these factors are extremely important for a well-balanced dog and happy owner. Bonding between you both is crucial to a happy, healthy relationship.

When to train

As previously mentioned, training should start when your pug is a puppy. But don’t fret if you’ve been unsuccessful at this or maybe life or other things have gotten in the way. Pugs are not puppies for long and training can start at any time. It is harder for an adult dog to be trained or learn new tricks or behaviours. That being said, it can be done, so don’t worry. With plenty of patience, love and some of their favorite treat; they’ll be sitting on command in no-time.


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