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17 July 2017 | Dog Advice

Organic and Natural Dog Grooming Products

Dog grooming and shampoo products. There are so many that sometimes it can feel like an impossible task finding the right fit for your dog. Some are sold as being good for skin health, others claim they target dandruff and wet dog smells, while others are designed to prevent and combat nasty infections.

They all seem so remarkable, some dog owners, particularly those who are new to owning a pet may find it tough to choose, however the decision might seem more straight-forward than first thought. When it comes to finding the right products for your dog it is important to have a number of clear considerations in mind. Doing your research now can save you a whole lot of hassle and money in the future.

 One of the biggest choices you will have to make will relate to whether or not you choose all natural products. This is a growing trend, with both the products we choose for ourselves and our pets and fortunately if you do decide to go the organic root for your best friend than you will have plenty of choice.

Pet Products What to Avoid?

The one thing all pet owners have in commons is that the health and safety of their dog is their number one priority. This means choosing the right products should see you taking care to ensure you don’t choose a shampoo that may cause irritations rather than fight them.

Anything with excessive dyes and colorants is not good for your dog. Added fragrances and perfumes can also provoke allergic reactions and nausea in a dog. The sad thing about this is that it is hard to tell sometimes what will provoke these reactions. A good rule of thumb is to just avoid excessive medicated ingredients and instead try to steer towards organic options as suggested above.

However a more surprising thing to look out for is mineral oil. Though good for babies, this does not always mean that it is good for a dog too. Mineral oils can be damaging to a dogs skin and can lead to irritations and infections if not seen to properly.

What to Look For Instead

Pet grooming products are not FDA monitored as stringently as human grooming products which means it is well worth taking your time to identify the right ingredients and alternatives from chemicals you ideally don’t want to introduce to your pet.

You wouldn’t use a shampoo yourself if you knew that it may cause skin irritation sometime in the future so why would you do the same for your dog?

An important thing to look for is Sulfate-free products, DEA free products, and products without preservatives. This is generally found in natural and organic grooming products.

Dogs are susceptible to many of the same infections as humans, so limiting the chances of damage by making the right choices when it comes to products you apply to your pets coat and skin is extremely important. Hopefully this quick article has introduced to the topic of organic dog products and with some research you will discover the perfect fit for your dog. 

Jenny Nolan enjoys looking after her excitable young puppy as well as contributing to her family run blog Cleaner Paws with Mom Sue.


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