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4 February 2018 | Dog Advice

Objects That Can Cause Your Dog To Choke

Dogs are notorious for exploring and one of their favourite things to do is eat off the floor or chew unusual objects they find. Some dogs enjoy carrying objects around like sticks, balls or toys. It's important that dog owners remain vigilant as to what their dog is chewing or sniffing.

You should be preventing them at all times from eating off the floor as this can be hazardous to your dog's health. Eating the wrong thing could make them choke or poison them.

To achieve this you will need to train them not to pick objects up off the floor and eating food that they find. In combination with this, you should also be keeping a careful eye on them as much as you can. Accidents can happen and on occasions, dogs have choked as the object they picked up was too tempting to resist.

Choking is really dangerous to both dogs as it is to humans. If your dog has picked something off the floor during their walk, then you should verbally tell them to drop it. You should never tug their lead to drop the object as this could cause them to choke. If you allow your dog to walk outside with a toy or ball in their mouth, then you should not encourage them to run as this could also cause them to choke.

Knowing what objects can cause your dog to choke can help alleviate certain dangers that your dog is exposed to. As well as being vigilant.

Listed below are five innocent objects that your dog can possibly choke on.


Toys whether their other dog's toys or children's toys can prove to be hazardous to your dog. You should only provide or allow your dog to play with toys that are suitable for their size and chewing capabilities.

You should also only buy toys from reputable suppliers that are experts in making and supplying dog toys. It’s best to avoid toys that have attachments that can easily become loose and cause choking. Soft chewy toys are a good option for your dog to play with and chew on.

Its best practice to supervise your dog during their playtime and remove any toys that pose a risk. On some occasions, dogs can chew so hard on their toy that the toy comes apart or the stuffing of their soft toy leaks out. If this happens you must remove their toy and dispose of it safely.

If your dog plays with other dogs toys, you must ensure that the toy isn't too small for them so they don't accidentally inhale the object and choke.

Yummy chews and treats

Dental treats such as pigs trotters, rawhide chews are very popular with dogs. They love the taste and they also help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Dog eating treats
Dog Playing

Some of these treats are not suitable for dogs unless the dog has healthy teeth and gums as they can cause damage to your dog's mouth. If your dog eats too fast and is rather impatient then this could also cause issues and your dog may choke if they do not digest their food correctly.

Delicious, juicy bones

There is not one dog that doesn't enjoy chewing on a bone. However, you should never give your dog a random bone like a chicken bone as this can splinter and cause your dog to choke and cause internal damage.

The dog should be purchased from a reputable dog retailer and the correct size should be given so that your dog can chew safely and correctly.

You should never give your dog a bone that has been cooked for your dinner. These type of bones can also splinter and cause your dog to choke.

Human food

If your dog enjoys eating snacks like an apple or carrot, then this is great! If you decide to feed them this, then you should cut it up into smaller, digestible pieces so your dog can eat and digest safely. Cutting the carrot into disk shapes then this can lodge in their throat and block their windpipe. Same goes for spaghetti, if your dog inhales this too quickly then the spaghetti can cause them to choke and become stuck in their throat. Instead, cut the spaghetti up and serve it up in smaller pieces.

Whatever dog breed or size of dog you won, you should feed them accordingly and consider the size of their food, toys and treats to be size appropriate.

Dangers of sticks

Giving your dog a stick to chew on is very dangerous. Twigs and sticks can splinter in their mouths and cause your dog to choke. If a stick or twig was to become lodged in their throat then this could also cause internal damage and bleeding. Never give your dog a stick with a pointed or sharp edge.


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