Naughtiest Dog Breeds

10 October 2017 | Dog Advice

Naughtiest Dog Breeds

Naughtiest Dog Breeds - Dogs are a mans best friend and the bond is unbreakable. Dogs love the company of their best friend and this affection goes both ways. Regardless of the dog breed; they all have one thing in common and that's loyalty. Despite their size, shape, age and close they are to their best friend, they all have a cheeky, naughty streak; some dogs more than others.

Listed below are the 10 top dog breeds that make the naughty list:


According to various studies, the Beagle is actually one of the naughtiest dog breeds on the planet. As cute as they are they love to be cheeky and rebel once in a while. A warning for any Beagle owner, it's worth pet-proofing your home and never leave any kind of food or drink on a table that is reachable. Its guaranteed that they will help themselves. They're extremely cute but sometimes their naughty behaviour can reach high levels.


The Boxer breed is a short-haired medium-sized dog breed. They have lots of energy and don't get tired very easily. If their activity levels are not met they will seek attention by exhibiting naughty behaviour like tearing up any papers left lying around with their reach, scratching and biting their beds. To prevent this from happening you must walk and exercise your Boxer twice a day.

Shih Tzu

This dog breed is incredibly cute and on belongs to the small sized dog breeds. Despite their size their well known for being naughty and extremely mischievous. Often their curiosity leads them into trouble. You'll find your Shih Tzu wondering around areas of the home that they're not allowed to enter. As soon as you find them they will run off excited knowing they did wrong. As funny as this may be, you must still show them who is the boss and not let them run rings around you.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is adorable by nature and is one of the most famous dog breeds in terms of a working dog breed. However, as they have incredible strength and intelligence they must be contentiously trained and shown who is the boss. They have the ability to disobey you if the respect is not there. You have to be kind but firm with this dog breed. Despite this, they make wonderful family pets and are a great addition to an active family that loves the outdoors. 

Golden Retriever

This dog breed is one of the most loved dogs breeds on the planet. They're an amazing dog breed and make wonderful family pets. One of their favourite things to do is to play in the water and this is what can make them naughty. Not every day you will want your retriever to jump in the water. If they're not trained to listen on command, then they will enter the water regardless, which isn't always ideal.


This dog breed is very cute and small. They love to play around and love lots of cuddle time. Dog owners often find it hard to train small dogs or tell them off when they're naughty. This can present problems when trying to issue them with a command. Small dogs are underestimated and should be trained the same as with any dog breed regardless of their size.

Yorkshire Terrier

This dog breed is one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet. They originated from Yorkshire back in the 19th Century. They're known for their activity levels and for being cheeky. As they're small and often very enthusiastic, they like to do naughty things for attention. You will find that they love their bed to a place where is not meant to be or destroy a toy and leave the remains for your attention. None of their behaviour is too sinister, still, you will need to be firm and let them know when they're being naughty.


This dog breed shares a special place in all of our hearts as their ability to help those ess fortunate is very touching. They have the ability to assist those less fortunate to live a proposes and happy life. Still, without adequate training, the Lab has the ability to show you their naughty side. They absolutely love food and if not trained correctly they will devour every morsel of food within their reach.


This dog breed was originally trained to hunt small animals and therefore love a good run around and chasing of anything small.  As cute as they are they can be very naughty. They are fun to watch; however, this behaviour shouldn't be encouraged as they may do some harm to a smaller, defenseless dog. They do like to chew so it's advisable that all wires are secured away and not within reach.


Last but not least, the Pug. This cute, adorable little dog is one of the nations favorite and has a unique look. They're Simply adorable to look at, but don't be fooled. This little dog breed has a very big personality and if allowed they will run rings around you. Training must start when they're a pup and should be continued through their life to prevent them from becoming very naughty.

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