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19 June 2018 | Dog Advice

Importance of Walking Your Dog Properly

Walking your dog properly is one of the most important things you need to do to help keep your dog healthy and happy. Not only does it provide great exercise for your four-legged friend, dog walking also provides exercise and mental stimulation for the owner. Dog breeds are prone to becoming bored should they not receive adequate exercise and mental stimulation. A bored dog results in destructive behaviour. Walking your dog several times a day will not only keep them fit but also gives you an opportunity to train them on how to behave in public and other useful behaviours and tricks.

Listed below are seven points on why walking your dog properly is so important.

Control your dog’s weight

Obesity is becoming a serious issue for dogs within the UK. Dog breeds have become more of a household companion as oppose to a working dog, this resulting in far less exercise for our pooches. The focus has shifted and dog owners love to feed their dog lots of lovely delicious foods and have them sit on their lap whilst they relax and watch TV. Whilst, this is lovely and enjoyed by all owners and their dogs, daily exercise is important and will help towards the goal of keeping your dog fit.

Different dog breeds require different amounts of exercise. A breed such as Great Dane will need a minimum of two daily, one hour walks and a Chihuahua will require far less. It’s important that you research your dog breed to better understand their exercise requirements.

If your dog is overweight, they’re prone to many health conditions, including diabetes, heart and joint issues and many more. Daily walking combined with a healthy diet can help regulate this and keep your dog fit and healthy.

Socialising your dog

Socialising your dog from a young age is important for their future behaviour. Walking your dog on a daily basis will help get them used to other dogs, cats, squirrels and humans! They will encounter different smells and sounds and all of this provides the right amount of mental stimulation and stimuli for growth and happiness for your dog. Walking your puppy properly from a young age will help them grow into a confident and relaxed dog. Before taking your puppy outside be sure to check with your vet that they’re ready to be exposed to the outdoors.

Improve their mental health

Owners forget that dogs evolved as hunters, herders and protectors and not as lazy couch potatoes. Dogs love to be on the move and exploring. Sniffing anything and everything is one of their favourite things to do. Dogs that don’t get enough mental stimulation are prone to becoming bored, unhappy and even depressed. Unfortunately, this then leads to destructive behaviour, such as chewing on household objects, urinating in the house, eating non-food items and consistent licking. Dogs suffering with separation anxiety can also suffer more should they not receive enough daily exercise and walks. Walking your dog properly can help avoid issues such as these.

Improve your dog’s digestive system

Regular walking can help prevent your dog from becoming constipated. It is recommended that you walk your dog 10-15 minutes after their last meal. This will help kick start their digestive system and get their bowels moving. Starting this process when they’re a puppy will help train them to do their toilet business outside after they’ve eaten and prevent any accidents in the home. 

Improve your dog’s joints

Daily walking your dog will help keep their joints in optimum condition and help keep them lubricated. As dogs age they can develop arthritis (same with humans) walking your dog daily will help with the degenerative process and keep them happy and healthy. If your dog is suffering with arthritis you should consult your vet first on the right amount of exercise they should be doing on a daily basis. 

Training your dog

Dog walking provides you an opportunity to implement their training. Training your dog on a daily basis is very important to their happiness. Ensuring they conform to commands given and practise of the tricks that they’ve learnt, will help keep your dog mentally stimulated and happy. You can achieve this during your daily walks and use that time to perfect their training. 

Strengthen your bond

Walking your dog on a daily basis allows both the owner and their dog to bond and enjoy each other’s company. There are numerous benefits to walking your dog every day and observing them play and enjoy themselves is so rewarding and brings both pleasure and happiness to the dog and his/hers best friend. With every walk the bond will strengthen.

Lastly, as well as all the benefits for your dog, daily dog walking brings the exact same benefits to us humans. Walking your dog on a daily basis will also help keep you fit, healthy and happy.


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