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22 August 2017 | Dog Advice

The Importance of Grooming Your Dog

Hello there fur and paw friends! My name is Bailey, and I’m a male Labrador Retriever here to tell you about why we just love it when our pet parents take the time out of their day to groom us. It’s about so much more than keeping our coats clean because it’s also important for our mental and physical health.

Why grooming is so important

When my Mom first brought me home, it was a new experience for the both of us. Sure, she had experience with owning a dog before with my brother Cooper, a male poodle, but she had never owned a Labrador retriever before. Let me tell you, it was an adventure to say the least.
I really remember the day when she groomed me for the first time and I could tell that she had enough experience to know how to brush through my coat and bathe me properly. But I have a lot of friends that I’ve met at the dog parks that aren’t as lucky as I am. If you’re thinking about becoming a new pet owner, it’s important that you know how to properly groom your pets!

The easiest way to explain it is to imagine if you never had the ability to take a bath, brush your hair, or cut your nails. I bet it would be really uncomfortable! It’s the same idea with your furry friends, we’ll never be truly happy unless our bodies are properly maintained. Even though we try to clean ourselves through licking, we’re not capable of properly getting rid of dirt and grime from our bodies on our own. Plus, when your parents find a great dog shampoo for smell, it makes getting clean even better and more fun!

One of the main reasons why I love it when my Mom grooms me is because it gives us the time to bond. The bond between a pet parent and their furry children is unlike anything on this planet, and the more my Mom cleaned me, the more I began to love her. Imagine what it would be like if you had a parent that never took the time to take care of you! I bet you wouldn’t be too happy when you’re around them.

While my Mom brushes my coat, it’s almost like she’s petting me, which is the perfect amount of attention and affection that I need to stay happy. Also, when she takes the time to massage shampoo into my coat and rinse it off, it helps me to understand just how much she loves me.
Cleaning our coats is very important because it not only helps us to look our best, but it also keeps our fur healthy. By regularly brushing through mats and knots with the help of a pin brush, slicker brush, and comb, you’re going to encourage healthy oils to travel around our fur. Much like the hair on your head, we need those oils to keep our skin soft and our hair healthy, so it can continue to grow.

Learn how to properly groom your dog

It’s important that you pay special attention to all of the parts of your dog as you clean them, which was something that my Mom made sure she did. Grooming isn’t just about making sure our coats are clean, it’s also important to focus on smaller areas such as the eyes, ears, and nails.
When cleaning around your dog’s eyes, you need to be very careful with the shampoo because some dogs find it uncomfortable to have anything near their eyes. I recommend buying tear-free shampoo because even if a little bit gets into your pet’s eyes, it won’t irritate them.

Be sure to take special care when working with the ears and the nails, as both areas are very sensitive. Remember, dogs can’t be handled with as much strength as other humans, treat your dog as if it were a baby when you’re grooming. To clean the ears, I love it when my Mom uses a damp cotton ball and gently wipes away any traces of dirt. I’m an active dog, and so dirt and grime can get trapped in even the smallest areas.

Trimming the nails is a little more difficult because us dogs have nerves in our nails so if they are clipped too short, it can be very painful, which is known as “quicking”! It’s best if you find small sized clippers that are specifically designed for dogs and make sure that you keep them sharp. You’ll find it easiest if you cut small amounts at a time and make sure you pay attention to the clipper guide to get the perfect length. Sometimes you might want to gently file the ends of the nails if they feel a little sharp.

You might be wondering why it’s important to clip our nails, and it’s much deeper than protecting the floors in your home. The longer our nails are, the more uncomfortable it is for us to walk and run. Long nails get pushed into our nail beds, which can put a lot of pressure on our joints. Over time, long nails can lead to us getting arthritis, making it incredibly painful even to be touched by our human owners.

Remember when I said that I loved grooming because it was important for my mental and physical health? Well, it’s safe to say that all dogs feel the same way! Taking the time to properly groom your pet can keep you up to date with any changes in their health or any concerns that could become long-term problems. For example, you might find ticks, signs of fleas, or even skin irritations that need to be fixed right away!


It can be incredibly distracting to be dirty, and even though we love running around outside and playing in the grass and mud, it doesn’t mean that we’ll love the feeling of caked on dirt every day of the week. Being regularly dirty can make us bite and gnaw away at our skin and can keep our mind on high alert during the day, never giving us the chance to calm down. I know that I hate sleeping with dirty fur and making my home a mess.

The greatest feeling in the world is to have trust in my Mom to take care of me better than anyone else in the world. No matter if I’m craving love and attention or if I’m simply dirty, my Mom knows exactly how to help me get comfortably clean at the end of the day.

It’s a hard life being super spoiled!

Until next time furry friends, Bailey, the male Labrador Retriever

Author Bio:
Emma is the founder of HelloCutePup. As the owner of 3 dogs, Emma has had the pleasure of learning the ins and outs to becoming a pet owner. With years of experience working on training, at-home dog health care, and aesthetic maintenance, she has the real-world experience that every pet owner is looking for. She is an avid blogger who enjoys giving realistic tips and tricks to help dog owners understand their pet’s personalities and to help pets easily become a part of the family.


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