Weather Seasons Affect Dogs

2 October 2017 | Dog Advice

How Weather Seasons Affect Dogs

The weather is constantly changing and the seasons are becoming more varied and inconsistent. As humans we tend not to think about it too much; except when it rains we often make a comment, or when it's hot we become happier. The weather can have an acute impact on our day-to-day lives and this is the same for dogs.

Dogs are more in-tune to the weather as oppose to humans. They can often detect changes in the temperature and atmosphere in advance of a storm or another weather extreme. With this, the weather affects not only humans but also our dogs. To understand more on how the weather impacts your dogs life, carry on reading to find out more. 

Sleeping patterns

As winter dawns and the days become inevitably shorter, dogs will want to sleep much more than they do in the summer. This is because of the impact that the natural light has on the dogs sleeping patterns. Some dogs go through changes with their mood and experience significant changes in their levels of happiness. 

To overcome this; it's best to walk your dog during the lighter hours and make sure that they get lots of exercises so this makes them sleepy and they've had their daily amount of exercise.

Different conditions of weather

The variance in weather will have a significant effect on your dog. Lots of dog breeds are often reluctant to walk when it's windy and raining, this tends to make dogs less likely to want to play outside as they normally would do. Some dog breeds, mostly larger dog breeds, like to walk outside in any weather conditions. 

The cold weather sees a slower pace for most dogs compared to warmer days. Dogs are often fitter and healthier when the weather is warmer and the days are longer. The cold weather compromises their ability and desire to exercise and be outside.

The different seasons

Here within the UK, we have fairly distinctive seasons, with the winter being rather cold and wet and the summer being lighter (and sometimes warmer) Every season has its own effect on your dog.

The changes in the hours of daylight and the variance in temperature can affect your dog in a number of ways.

Early spring is when wild packs of dogs are more likely to breed which often results in many litters being born early summer. As the weather is warmer and there's more food this makes survival much better.

Dogs tend to shed heavily in the summer so they can stay cool during the warmer months and then again in autumn so they can grow their thicker, warmer coat. This is noticeable in breeds that have a thicker coat and that normally tend to shed a lot.

Dogs can predict weather changes

Dogs senses are very different to humans. Their senses are more acute, which results in them being able to predict a weather change long before it happens. Pressure changes alert your dog and they can become very scared of storms and may become anxious before the storm arrives.


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