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14 March 2016 | Dog Advice

How to walk your dog in the snow

We all know dogs love running around and playing in the snow, we can spend hours chasing them to come back because it’s time to go home. However we must remember to stay safe when walking our dogs on leads particular if they are older pets. If you are an owner of an older dog you need to make sure they have enough layers and fully wrapped so they stay as warm as possible and it’s always recommended to take them for a shorter walk if there is too much setting snow on the ground.

A lot of snow means that there might be salted paths so make sure to check your pet’s paws and clean them off with a towel if you think your dog may have walked on any salted paths or roads. Taking extra care when there’s snow around means you can both enjoy a lovely winters walk.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Keep warm
  • Make sure to wear gloves
  • Make sure your pet is not dehydrated
  • Don’t let your pet eat snow
  • Clean your dog with a dry towel


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