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3 May 2018 | Dog Advice

How to Take the Perfect Picture of Your Pet

The Perfect Pet Picture

If you’re a dog or cat owner, you will understand how hard it is to capture that perfect pet picture moment. Our pets are full of surprises and what better way to capture this; is through the perfect picture. But if only it was that simple! When we do want to take a picture, our pets often shy away or stop in their tracks and stubbornly wait until we put our camera or phone away. It seems that they never want to look directly at the camera, or the natural lighting is too dark and you can’t see them properly.

Listed below are some helpful tips to capture the perfect picture and true essence of your beloved pet:

Turn the flash off

It’s best to take the picture with natural warm light as appose to using the flash. Using the flash can give your pet the red eye, which doesn’t look good and can also give the picture some harshness and flatness. To help avoid those washed out pictures, you should aim to shoot in the morning or early evening to aluminate your picture with authenticity. You can also try to shoot on days with a slight overcast or in the shade on a particularly sunny day. You can also look to place your pet safely by the window or a glass door to get the soft natural light.

Get your dog used to the camera

The click of a camera or phone can startle your pet or make them feel uneasy. To help avoid this issue, you should let you dog get used to the camera or phone by letting them smell it and become familiar with it. Once you’ve achieved this you should start to casually take a few images, to get them used to it slowly. Before you know it, your dog or cat will be carrying on with their own business whilst you take lots of images.

Lower yourself to your dog’s level

You should aim to get down to your dog’s level. If you stand over your dog and peer down, then the image looks rather unnatural and like any other amateur picture already out there. Instead, lie down next to your pet and get their whole body and posture in the shoot.

The perfect background

The most simple of backgrounds can prove to be very beautiful in an image. The natural beauty of green trees or a sandy beach can really make your dog stand out. You should also pay attention to the colour of the background, for example; if your dog is black or brown then you mustn’t use a background of same colour.

Be creative

You should really try to be creative and playful when taking your pictures. Get up close to your dog to capture their faces in their full expression. Or take a few steps back and encourage your dog to run towards you whilst you take pictures of them running up to you. Don’t get too hung up on taking that perfect picture and let yourself be free and try lots of different angles and poses. The best pictures are often those that are spontaneous.

Funny Dog Picture
Fantastic Dog Picture

Get a friend to help

Get your friend to stand by with a squeaky toy to help get your dog really excited! However, don’t get too caught up with this notion and always consider your dog’s personality. If the sound of a squeaky toy gets your dog all ramped up then this could have the opposite effect.

Perfect timing

Consider your daily plan for you and your dog. If you have a rather long walk planned, and, are looking for a calm, serene picture, then why not take some pictures after the walk; rather than before or during the walk.

Keep the camera going

One of the first rules of photography is to take lots of pictures. The more you take the better chances you have of capturing that prefect shot.

Keep the focus

If you have a particularly wriggly pet, then try to keep the focus and your posture still to capture the right picture. There are lots of features on the latest smart phones and cameras that help with this issue; so, read up on how to use these and make sure to use them.

Let your dog be themselves

You should always aim to let your dog be their true authentic self when taking a picture. Avoid putting them in an uncomfortable pose or place as this will only aggregate them and encourage them to move away. Photograph your dog or cat whilst they’re going about their daily business. These pictures often turn out to be the most authentic and beautiful.


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