Puppy Proof

15 August 2016 | Dog Advice

How to puppy proof your home

Puppy instincts are always to investigate the new surrounding and by touching, chewing and tasting new objects around the living space. We all know they love to explore but we need to make sure we protect them from dangerous household materials and items which can be harmful if swallowed.

Here are some harmful materials to keep away from your puppy:

  • Pills, medication, vitamins, dental floss and razors
  • Erasers, rubber bands, paper clips and general office stationary materials
  • Household cleaning and toxic materials
  • Toxic household foods such as onions, grapes, nuts and chocolate
  • Fragaile ornaments, coins or small kid board game pieces
  • Toxic plans such as azalea, daffodils, lily and tomato


Dog Advice Puppy Proof

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