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21 July 2018 | Dog Advice

How To Look After Your Dogs Teeth

Looking after your dogs teeth is just as important as looking after your own. Often, dog owners neglect their dogs teeth and the dog then goes on to develop serious health related conditions. Caring for your dogs teeth should be done from a young age as this helps your dog to become used to the brushing and checking, as they grow into adult life. It also helps keep your dogs teeth in optimum condition throughout their lifetime.

Looking after your dog’s teeth is not a difficult process and there are lots of preventive measures and handy tips to help keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy. Listed below are a few handy tips to looking after your dogs teeth.

The importance of looking after your dogs teeth

Looking after your dog’s teeth is vital to their overall health and wellbeing. Dogs need strong teeth so they can chew their food correctly. If their teeth are not cared for correctly they can go on to develop health conditions and suffer with extreme pain. Not looking after your dogs teeth can be fatal. Your dog may become prone to gum disease or an infected tooth and this can affect their liver. Also, treatment to care for teeth that haven’t been looked after can be costly as often dogs need to be sedated during a procedure concerning their teeth. Treatments can cost well over £200 and insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out unless the dog’s teeth have been looked after.

Canine dental problems

As with humans, dogs are susceptible to common dental problems, issues such as:

  • Mouth ulcers – this is caused by a build-up of plaque around the gum line and can cause ulcers
  • Bad breath – dogs with very bad dental hygiene will develop terrible breath
  • Toothache – dog scan suffer with toothache and often it’s hard to detect. Watch out for your dog not chewing correctly or if they’re avoiding their food. Toothache can be misery for dogs, so it is important that you seek veterinary advice if you think your dog is suffering
  • Gingivitis – this is inflammation of the gums and can be reversible if addressed early on. This is caused by a build-up of plaque and redness on the gums. Vets consider this condition to be the early signs of periodontal disease

Tips on keeping your dog’s teeth clean

Listed below are some helpful tips on how to keep your dogs teeth clean:

  • Brush their teeth regularly
  • Provide them with things to chew on
  • Feed them a high quality diet
  • Use a fresh breath spray
  • Get regular check-ups at the vets
  • Check their mouth on a regular basis
Dog Chewing Bone
Bull Terrier Chewing On Dental Stick

Preventing bad breath

Majority of dogs do not have fresh smelling breath, but, if they have extremely bad breath that smells rather rancid, this can be an early sign of dental issues or something more serious. If your dog suddenly develops bad breath then you must take them straight to the vets to ensure there is nothing seriously wrong.

You can help prevent bad breath by brushing your dog teeth on a regular basis. You can also use fresh breath sprays to help your dogs breath smelling minty fresh

Doggie dental products

There are many different dental products that can help keep your dog’s mouth and teeth clean. These products are designed to maintain a healthy mouth and prevent serious dental issues.

  • Dental chews
  • Dental sticks
  • Raw hind bones
  • Dental treats
  • Dog dental kit and toothbrush
  • Dental Kongs 

How to clean your dogs teeth

As previously discussed, you should start cleaning your dog’s teeth when they’re still  young, this helps them get used to the procedure from a young age. Firstly, make your dog lie down on the floor and apply some dog friendly toothpaste to their toothbrush. Gently open their mouth with one hand and place the brush in their mouth and gently brush working along the gum line and working from the back of their mouth to the front.

Benefits of a healthy diet

You should always provide your dog with a high quality diet to ensure they’re eating the correct nutrients will helps them live a healthy and happy life. Feeding them a bad diet can cause issues with their general health and dental issues. Avoid any food group that is difficult for a dog to chew and swallow. You should also avoid foods that are high in sugar content.

Take them for regular check-ups

You should always take your dog for regular check-ups at the vets. Regular checks of your dogs mouth and teeth will help ensure any issues are spotted early on and treated quickly before they become more serious. If you’re unsure of how many times your dog should visit the vets, seek professional advice from your vet and insurance company.


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