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7 July 2018 | Dog Advice

How To Get Your Dog To Drink More Water

One of the most basic daily needs for a dog is the access to fresh, clean, drinking water. Getting your cute, furry friend to drink isn’t always the easiest tasks. Not all dogs willingly drink the right amount of water they need on a daily basis and some dog breeds need more encouragement than others. However, there are occasions when your dog isn’t up for drinking and this could be because they’re not feeling very well.

As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to check that your dog is drinking every day and has access to fresh drinking water. If you’re unsure that your dog isn’t drinking enough water, Mypetzilla recommends seeking professional advice from your veterinary practise, to eliminate any serious conditions.

To help encourage your beloved dog to drink more water, Mypetzilla have listed some handy little tips to get them lapping up in no-time. Please see below.

How much water does your dog need on a daily basis?

The professionals say that all dog breeds should drink at least one ounce of water per body weight; every day. As well as drinking water from their water bowl, your dog can also contribute to their daily drinking consumption through their diet. Dry pet food contains 3- 11% water and wet food contains 25-35% water.

As a result of this, dogs eating dried food are consuming less water than dogs on wet food. It’s always worth checking the food label to be 100% sure on how much water is contained in the food.

Feed them a high quality diet

You can increase your dog’s daily drinking consumption by feeding them a high quality diet full of nutrients, vegetables and protein. To get the best possible diet you can research further on-line or seek advice from your vet. Before changing your dog’s diet, you must ensure you seek professional advice and check whether the diet is suitable for them.

Change their water at least twice a day

This goes without saying, you should aim to refresh your dog’s water bowl at least twice a day and even more during the hotter temperatures. As humans, we appreciate the refreshing, quenching experience when we’re thirsty and drinking a lovely cold glass of water is exactly what we need. Just make sure it’s not too cold. The same applies to our four-legged friends. You must ensure their water is changed frequently and is clean.


Dog Drinking Water From Bowl
Dog Drinking Flask

Teach your dog the meaning of the word “drink”

Teaching your dog the word “drink” will pay dividends when you need them to drink some water. It’s best to teach this whilst they’re still a puppy, but you can still teach them in their adult life. This trick is pretty easy to teach, simply say the word “drink” every time they make contact with their water bowl and take a drink. You can also add a little clap and cheer every time they do.

Carry a dog drinking flask when out for walks

Whether you’re walking the dog around the neighbourhood or taking them to the local park, you should always take a dog water flask with you. Dogs get thirsty as we do and, so, will need to drink water on the go. If it’s a hot day or your dog is very active when outdoors, you should encourage them to drink when they’re out and about.

You should aim to offer your pooch a drink every 10-15 minutes during their time outdoors. Simply fill their bowl and tell them to drink and praise them when they do so. The more your dog gets used to drinking when they’re told to, the easier it will be when asking them to drink when needed.

Allow your dog to pee more frequently

If your dog is drinking water on a frequent basis, they will also need to pee more frequently. Your dog should regularly flush their kidneys to prevent urinary tract conditions and to also prevent kidney stones. Taking them out every 3-4 hours for a quick walk, sniff and pee will help keep them happy and healthy.

Provide multiple water bowls

To help encourage your dog to drink more water, you can also provide a few more drinking bowls around the home. If your dog likes to wonder around the house, they may stop off for a pit stop, drinking session in another room. This is especially good if it’s a hot day and your dog is suffering with the heat and needs to relax somewhere cooler.

Clean their water bowl daily

Like us humans, dogs do not enjoy drinking out of a dirty water bowl (especially one with slobber and saliva on) you should aim to rinse and clean their water bowl on a daily basis. You should give the bowl a good rinse with hot water so it is thoroughly cleaned and then filled with fresh, cold water.

Lastly, drinking water is essential for every dog regardless of the dog breed. All responsible dog owners must ensure their dog is hydrated at all times and step up their dog’s routine if they’re more active or during the hotter temperatures. If you’re concerned that your dog is not consuming enough drinking water, you must seek expert advice from your veterinary practise.


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