Coronavirus Covid-19 Veterinary Care

27 March 2020 | Dog Advice

How Does the Coronavirus Covid-19 Outbreak Affect My Pets Veterinary Care?

As the days go by during this national emergency, many businesses are now facing the prospect of having to close for the forceable, whether this instruction has come from the Government or whether financially they’re unable to stay open. 

This is a rather worrying time for pet owners, as we start to see our local veterinary practices shut for the next few weeks/months. 

Whilst we ride this Covid-19 national emergency, there are a few things we can do to help our pets stay safe. Listed below are a few helpful tips to look after your pets during the Coronavirus Covid-19 lockdown: 

Ring your local Veterinary practice 

Ring your local veterinary practice to speak to your local Vet and discuss how they are dealing with this situation. Many will look to shut down but will have emergency lines and centres still open and other helpful ways to talk to your vet regarding your pet's health, whether that’s over the phone or via a video-enabled app. It’s worth asking what their procedures will be to administer regular medicines and prescriptions during this crisis. 

Looking after your pet's health during the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic 

As many of us are now on lockdown, we can divide our days up by implementing a healthy daily routine of looking after our own welfare and that of our pets. Time permitted, you can spend some time researching ways to do the regular non-urgent treatments on your pets from clipping their nails to emptying dogs anal glands. These treatments can be done safely in your own home and with guidance from your vets and the abundance of information on the internet, you can still keep up your pet's regular non-urgent treatments. We need to inform you that MyPetZilla does not advise you to conduct any treatments to your pets without the say-so from your veterinary practice and the treatments you can carry out would be those that fall under the grooming treatments. 

Wipe your pets clean after their daily walk

Keep your pet's eyes, ears and paws clean after your once a day, daily walk. Some pets, unfortunately, suffer from allergies and to help prevent a flare-up, it is important that they are wiped down after a walk or being in the garden. You can wipe them down with a warm wet cloth with clean water. 

Walking your dog during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak 

The government announced on Monday 23rd March 2020 that the UK will effectively go into lockdown and the public is permitted to one daily walk outside. The nation is full of uncertainty right now and we simply have to follow instructions to help save lives. For all pet owners, the rules remain the same. We can use our once a day allowance of outdoor activity to walk our dogs. 

Whilst walking your dog during this Covid-19 outbreak you must still keep your 2 meters distance from the general public and whilst there has been no information released on whether Covid-19 affects our pets, you should also apply the same rules to your pets. 

During your walks, you should remain extra vigilant and try and avoid the more strenuous walks to help prevent any unnecessary accidents for both yourself and your pets. 

Lastly, whilst we live during these uncertain times, we must adhere to the Government guidelines and do our bit to help save lives. 


Coronavirus Covid-19 Veterinary Care Veterinary Care Coronavirus Covid-19

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