Dog Behaviours

6 April 2017 | Dog Advice

Dog Behaviours Explained

Dogs, still to this day, fascinate their owners with the weird and wonderful habits and traits they portray. Often their funny and odd behaviours can leave many owners amused and sometimes confused? 

Listed below are a few funny dog behaviours that dogs are infamous for. 

Scratching the ground after they've done their business

You would have noticed that your dog likes to scratch the ground after they've done their business. They do this as a way of marking that they've just been to the toilet as it's their way of leaving a visual indication to any other dogs that might come along. Another reason is that dog's paws leave a fresh smell after they've scratched the dirt, which gives a clear direction to take other dog's noses right to the spot where they've just been.  Clever wouldn't you say? 

Going round in circles before they lay down 

Many owners have often wondered why their dog goes round and round in circles before they find their perfect spot and lie down. The real truth is; no one actually knows! Some experts have said it's a way of them finding their safest spot before they sleep, as this is a time when they're at their most vulnerable. Others have said that its a way of them finding the best position for the perfect view of the room that they sleep in.

The one thing we can all agree on is that it's very funny watching your dog do the circle motion again and again before they lie down. 

Rubbing themselves in smelly nasty things

There's nothing better for a dog, then rubbing themselves in something really smelly in their local park. It's actually one of their favourite things to do. Often, the smellier the better, whether it's fox pooh, other dogs pooh, or the remains of a dead bird, they seize the opportunity for a good rub.

Why do they do this? it's a way for them to disguise their own smell, something they would have to do when hunting for themselves. The smell would prevent the prey from smelling them meaning they would have a better chance of catching them. This behavioural trait really does go back many years for a dogs instinct. 

Humping their toys 

Now, this trait often happens at the most inconvenient time. Often when you have company. They'll dig out their smelliest toy, drag it to their bed and begin humping. This typical dog behaviour makes your dog feel good and it's natural and normal and mostly seen in younger male dogs.

If you're finding this behaviour is becoming too much and continues, you might want to take your dog to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong. It's highly unlikely that there's an issue, but its worth checking. A neutered dog tends to do this less, so this is an option worth considering.

Twitching their legs when you rub their belly

Dogs love a good belly rub. This is when you will see a happy, relaxed dog with a big grin.  During the tummy rub, you would have probably noticed that they stretch their back legs and start the twitching/pumping motion. Why do they do this? They do this instinctively, it's a reaction that is caused by the nerves that take over and send signals to the brain. Vets often use this test when they do neurological tests on dogs.

Understanding your dog's behaviour

Dogs have all sorts of habits, from eating peculiar things off the floor to rubbing themselves in pooh and simply wagging their tails. Understanding your dog's behaviour will give you better knowledge on their instincts and why they do what they do. 


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