Covid-19 Coronavirus Dog Care

26 March 2020 | Dog Advice

Caring for Your Dog During the Covid-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

The severity of the Covid-19 virus has had a significant impact on a global scale as well as the whole country. This impact will not only change our lives immediately but also months and maybe even years to come. 

As a nation, many of us are now faced to work from home and only leave our homes once a day for exercise and walking. The latest restrictions were announced on Monday 23rd March by Boris Johnson, which resulted in the entire nation going into lockdown. After the stark announcement, many pet owners have become concerned with how to keep their pets fit and healthy throughout this epidemic and whether Covid-19 affects the health of their pets. 

At this stage, there is little information on how Covid-19 affects our pets and their care. The unknown for many is rather worrying and yet we have to sit tight and wait patiently for the science and research to be revived whilst this virus spreads. 

Mypetzilla is here to help provide guidance on some of the worries pet owners face during this difficult time. 

How can I keep my dog active during the Covid-19 outbreak? 

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then there are plenty of ways to help keep your dog healthy and happy during the recent restrictions. As the same with humans, all dog breeds need routine. You can schedule 2 to 3 x 20-minute sessions during the day to play with your dog. This can include fetch, running, teaching your dog tricks and a good old rubbing of their bellies! 

If you do not have a garden, do not worry! You can do exactly the same inside your home. You can do this by creating a safe place for your dog to play and run around. Obviously, playing fetch in the house isn't ideal, but you can teach them new tricks and keep them mentally stimulated. 

Can I walk my dog outside?

For the time being, yes, you can walk your dog outside. This would have to be included in your once a day exercise or walk that Boris has implemented during this lock-down, however, you must obey the rule of keeping a minimum of 2 meters apart from anyone apart from a member of your current household. To Air on the side of caution, it is best that your dog, regardless of their dog breed, should maintain the same social distancing from their fellow furry friends. As this is a new virus, the experts are still trying to understand the severity of this disease and whether it affects our pets and indeed animals. 

Will there be a dog food shortage? 

Watching the media's coverage on the supermarkets and the fact that their shelves are stripped bare on an hourly basis is rather concerning, but still yet, the government is confident that there is enough food to go around, and the nation needs to stop panic buying. The same applies to dog food, there are plenty of outlets that sell dog food and have a very good supply. It is worth buying a few week's supplies just in case you need to quarantine yourself but you need to avoid panic buying as this isn't helpful at all for other pet owners. 

If you do find yourself a couple of days short of dog food, then you can improvise by providing your beloved pet with some fresh vegetables, protein, and rice. 

Lastly, as this epidemic unfolds, we all have to do our bit in following the guidelines set out by the Government and show support where we can to our fellow citizens. 

For the latest Government advice, please


Covid-19 Covid-19 Coronavirus Dog care

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