Can my pet catch Coronavirus

30 March 2020 | Dog Advice

Can My Pet Catch Coronavirus?

The significant spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus is having a huge impact on everyone's lives across the globe. As it stands, the nation has now been in lock-down for a week and with the recent government announcements, life in the UK will not be returning back to normal for at least another six months. 

Many pet owners have become increasingly worried about their pets and whether they can contract or pass on the Covid-19 virus. 

The World Health Organisation and the British Veterinary Association have advised that there is currently no evidence that pets can become sick from Covid-19 neither can they catch the virus. 

As the situation evolves almost daily, Mypetzilla advises all pet owners to follow the latest coronavirus guidelines and to also take sensible precautions during the pandemic. 

Listed below are some current questions pet owners have on how to keep their pets healthy and safe during the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus outbreak. 

Can I walk my dog during the Coronavirus outbreak? 

Yes, you are still able to walk your dog during the Coronavirus outbreak. The Government guidelines currently state that we should all stay at home to help save the NHS and to help save lives. We are still allowed to leave the house to go for one daily exercise as long as we abide by the 2-meter distance from others. All pet owners can use this opportunity to take their dogs for a walk. 

Keep your dog on a lead at all times and thoroughly wash your hands before leaving the house and as soon as you come back home. 

You can also let your dog out into the garden as and when needed. If you have a shared garden or outdoor space, you must practice social distancing at all times and keep your dog on their lead. 

Should my dog be wearing a facemask? 

The current advice is that pets do not need to wear a facemask as this can be distressing for pets and could potentially affect their ability to breathe. This applies to all dog breeds.

Can my pet stay with me if I have to self isolate?

In most cases, your pet can stay with you whilst you self isolate. However, it is advised that you try and avoid close contact with your pet. This will include sharing a bed, kisses and avoiding touching your pet as much as possible. 

Wash your hands before and after feeding your pet. You should also avoid your pet from licking your face or sharing your food. 

How do I provide my pets veterinary care or prescriptions if I can’t leave the house? 

If this is the case, it is advisable to give your vet a call and discuss your situation and what their current procedure is during the pandemic. Veterinary practices are doing everything in their power to support your pet's needs whilst following the latest Government guidance. 

My pet is coughing and sneezing, what should I do? 

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that domestic pets can catch the Covid-19 virus. If you suspect your dog or cat is not feeling well you should consult your local veterinary practice for their expert advice. 

Are hand sanitiser and anti-bac gel poisonous to dogs? 

Hand sanitisers contain ‘ethanol’ (alcohol) which can be harmful if ingested in large quantities; for example, an entire bottle. Anti-bac gel and hand sanitisers evaporate very quickly and if licked it will not cause any harm. This must not prevent you from using the product to protect yourself during the pandemic.  

Can my pet spread Coronavirus? 

Research suggests that Coronavirus is passed from person to person through sneezing and coughing. There has been a lot of evidence that suggests the virus can live on certain surfaces for a period of time, this could possibly include your pet's fur. 

If you are showing any symptoms that you should try and avoid contact with your pet and practice good personal hygiene. 

Lastly, Mypetzilla advises that everyone should stay at home, protect the NHS and help save lives.



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